Saturday, April 9, 2011

Worth the Wait {a Sasori LEMON One-Shot}

(The Quiet, Shy Asuka)                            &                       (The Badass Sasori)


Character Info:
        Asuka wasn't always an orphan in the Sand village. She was only five when she first saw Sasori. At first he was simply her sitter, but he eventually showed her what his grandmother showed him. Namely Puppet arts. Asuka was turning six when Sasori deserted the village. He never left her fully though. When her parents died, Asuka was shipped to an the waterfall village orphanage. Now twenty-five (Turning twenty-six) Asuka has her own library, and enjoys a book to read...... Mostly mystery (Such as Sherlock Holmes) Romance (Anything By Tami Hoag) and other stories. Her faint memories of her sitter are fading even worse......... All changed when a mysterious note entered her library one day. From none other then Sasori!! Excited yet nervous Asuka anxiously waits for his visit (As mentioned in the note).


      I had closed up my library this afternoon waiting excitedly for my dear friend Sasori. Well...... Actually my baby sitter. It had been so long since I had left the Sand village, and even longer since I had been moved to the waterfall village. I left my doors open, and simply wondered what he looked like now. I couldn't remember his age, so I had no idea how old he was now. But that didn't matter to me. Between you and me, when I was younger I had a crush on Sasori. I thought I would outgrow this little crush, but it seemed that I was wrong. Even after twenty years I stilled had the same feelings for him. A bit childish right??
-Insert Sigh Here-
      I eventually grew bored of waiting, so I pulled out an old familiar book I had already read -Sherlock Holmes-, and opened it up to the first page. As the words drifted into my imagination, I felt I was lost in fantasy that could never be a reality. For lord knows how long I read the book, until my eyes grew tired and I had to put the book away. That's when I noticed a blonde leaning against the counter. “May I help you?” I asked. The blonde smiled. “Yeah I'm looking for a good book to read un.” the blonde said with a wink. I rolled my eyes. “Sorry. You're too young for me.” I snapped stepping off from behind the counter. “I like older women yeah. They have experience un.” I shook my head and headed into the romance section of my library.
        “Here. Just try to keep your dreams dry though.” I said handing him the book “Lucky's Lady” By Tami Hoag. He took the book, a faint blush appearing on his face. “Brat, why the hell did you rush ahead of me?” I froze and turned my attention to the entrance. My heart throbbed. There stood the Sand puppet master. I smiled a small tear trickling down my cheek. “SASORI!!” I cried rushing to him. Before he could react I was already hugging him. “Oh how I've missed you so.” I whispered in his cloak. I was expecting him to smack me away, but instead he hugged back. “Asuka. You're all grown up.” He chuckled. “(O_O) What the hell is going on hm?” The blonde asked in complete shock. I was pulled from the hug, and I faced the blonde.
       “Brat have I not told you to behave yourself? I said I was visiting an old companion of mine.” Sasori snapped his eyes cold. I took a look at him, only making my cheeks turn a bright pink. (He's far younger then I thought.) I noted seeing his beautiful purple eyes glare at the blonde. His hair was red as ever, and his sweet kind face seemed like he was younger then before. “You never said your companion was a hot librarian un!!” I blushed even harder, but I think it angered Sasori. “Brat know your place and watch your tongue!!” He growled narrowing his eyes. I looked back at the blonde. “I need you to show me your library card, so you can check out that book.” I said hoping to keep the violence low, as I headed back behind the counter. “Oh.... Umm..... I don't have a library card yeah.....” The blonde said with a nervous glance at the book.
       Sasori rolled his eyes, but I just laughed. “Well if you want that book, you'll need to sign a few things.” I said pulling open a drawer and pulled out some papers. Sasori shook his head watching the blonde sign the papers. “Okay and sign there please?” I asked. He nodded his head and signed. “My you've really grown up Asuka.” Sasori said with a small smile. I smiled back. “Indeed I have Sasori.” I replied. The blonde coughed and glared at Sasori. Sasori rolled his eyes. “My apologies. Asuka this is the brat, Deidara, Brat this is Asuka.” Sasori said making -Deidara I believe- stem with fury. “I'm no Brat un!!” He growled. I snickered. “Sure, and I'm not twenty-five years old.” I stated handing Deidara his new library card. Deidara stared at me while Sasori just burst out laughing.
      “Someone got a good sense of humor while I was gone.” Sasori teased. I shrugged. After Sasori made the kid leave the library I showed Sasori up to the second floor of the Library. “This used to be a church and yet it has HOW many floors??” Sasori asked looking around. “Three floors. But I don't usually go up there. I live here.” I stated putting a pot of water on the stove. “My you've got a lot of paintings here.” Sasori said looking at the paintings in the hallway. I blushed and stood next to him. “Actually those are my creations.” I said quietly. Sasori stared at the paintings then at me wide eyed. “YOU painted THSES!?” He asked shocked. I just nodded my head.
       “Are you hungry? You want anything?” I asked. Sasori smiled. “Jasmine Tea with honey and a Lemon please.” Sasori said. I nodded. “Should have known.” I muttered sarcastically, walking back into the kitchen. Sasori followed behind, and watched me. I would look over my shoulder and quickly turn away blushing. Even though Sasori told me in his letter he was no longer a human, but a puppet, I was at first shocked. I quickly got over it and allowed him to visit me. When the tea was ready, I brought it to Sasori, who was now sitting on my chase lounge sofa. “Here you go Sasori.” I said happily. Sasori chuckled, and took a sip of tea. “It taste like I remember it.” He stated looking relaxed. I smiled and sat next to him.
        “How has everything been for you??” I asked. “Simple. You know how I am.” He replied taking another sip of tea. I looked at my hands, not realizing I was blushing. Apparently he noticed this and set the cup of tea down. “Are you feeling well??” He asked. I nodded my head, but he wasn't convinced. (I've known you since I was five, yet I have feelings that never faded as I aged.) I wanted to say. I kept silent though. Sasori put the back of his hand on my forehead. “Hmm...... No fever, and you appear to be fine.” Sasori noted. My blush darkened, and I was on the verge of passing out. “Sasori.....” I said softly, but he didn't seemed noticed by my voice. When he did notice my face was darker, he looked more worried than concern.
“Asuka are you sure you're okay??” I smiled shyly, and laid my head on his shoulder. “Actually I'm great.” I said shyly. Sasori smiled and wrapped an arm around my waist. We just sat there in complete silence, just enjoying each others company. “Asuka........ You're very........ Pretty.” Sasori finally said breaking the silence. I smiled a bit wider. “Thank you Sasori.” I replied back. Next thing I knew, something around me suddenly snapped. It must have done the same thing to Sasori because his fingers cupped my chin and I was now looking into his eyes. The same eyes that were so familiar to me as a child.
          “Sasori.....” Then our lips met. I closed my eyes, as his lips slowly danced with mine, making my mind explode. The kiss was cold, but at the same time it was sweet, gentle, and lustful. I pulled my arms from my lap and wrapped them around Sasori's neck. He smirked into the kiss and leaned back pulling me with him so I was on top of him. When we pulled away from the kiss I was short of breath. “I-I-I-” Sasori chuckled, and stroked both my cheeks with both his hands. “I've been wanting to do that since I got here.” He whispered. I blushed again, and giggled shyly. “I've wanted to do that since I was little.” I whispered shyly. At first I thought he didn't hear me, but oh how wrong I was. He brought me into another kiss and this time trailed his hands to the hem of my skirt.
         My face darkened and I pulled away from him looking up at him shyly. “I knew you were the one when I first saw you. I just wished I didn't have to wait TWENTY years to finally have you to myself.” He whispered seductively. I closed my eyes feeling his hands slither up my skirt and stroking my womanhood which was now getting wet. He snickered against my skin and bit on my neck making me gasp. “I want you Asuka. And I want you now. No more waiting.” Next thing I knew Sasori had slipped down my panties and stroked the exposed sensitive area. I arched my back allow his member to press against me. “I-I-I thought Moan You couldn't gasp do thi- screams.” “Oh you have no idea what I can do Asuka. I may not be human, but I kept that ONE human thing on me.” He growled sexually against my skin.
         He sat up and removed his cloak and had me sit on his lap, me facing him, with my arms around his neck. “Sasori.....” He smirked and kissed me deeply. My thoughts were shouting at me to let him continue. I had nothing in my thoughts against this so I allowed Sasori to continue. I could feel his manhood hardening as he stroked my chest under my shirt. I moaned into the kiss, then pulled away lifting my shirt up exposing my chest hidden behind my bra. Sasori's eyes widen in shock. “You and your damn milk child.” He snickered. I blushed and looked at him shyly. Sasori stroked my thighs which were still hidden by my skirt, but that didn't seem to bother him at all. He stroked my thighs up to my hips and then his hands traveled up my back unclasping my bra.
       I sighed as he slipped the straps off my shoulders allowing him full access to my breast. “Note to self: If we decide to have children and we have a girl, shoot any guy she goes out with.” Sasori teased nipping at my neck. I arched my back and pressed my breast to his chest. (Children? That would be a dream come true as long they're yours Sasori.) I thought. Sasori's manhood was poking me by this point and I wanted him. His pants were hard to get off since I was sitting on him, but I think he had no problems removing his pants and trousers. I bit my lip, and clutched onto him. Sasori cupped my chin and made me look into his eyes. “Oh no no no Asuka. Not yet.” He snickered. I was then pushed back, my legs still around his waist. He stroked my legs and bent his head to my entrance.
         My heart thumped against my ribcage, as his tongue licked his lips. Without any owrds to exchange he pressed his tongue into me, making me scream. My hands were clutched into fists as his tongue ventured deeper inside me. “Sasori!! Oh!! Sasori!!” I screamed. I felt my knuckles tightened up and turned white. Sasori continued exploring until I came in his mouth. He pulled away lapping up what was left on his lips. “I may not like waiting. But I think that was so worth the wait Asuka.” He sighed stroking my thighs lovingly. I panted closing my eyes and releasing my fists. He pulled me up back onto his lap and stroked my chest. My legs were weak around his waist and I could feel his manhood grind near my entrance. He wrapped my arms around my neck, and started sucking my breast. As he did this, his pumped right into me. I felt a tear trickle down my cheek, but I wanted this. I knew it would hurt at first, but I never realized HOW much it hurt me. Sasori continued his thrusts, and guided my hips along with his, while biting my breast, only making my mind scream for him.
        At first he was only partly inside me, but then he entered into me fully, making the pain increase. Sasori quickened his pace and pumped harder, making me arch my back again and scream in ecstasy. I eventually found the pain suddenly pleasurable, and I began keeping his pace. Our bodies sang in harmony, and our rhythm made everything I was worried about just vanish. I moaned with each thrust he blessed me with. My stomach tightened up and closed around Sasori's manhood, making Sasori growl in pleasure. “Sasori! I-I-” “I know! Let me come! Let me come!” I loosened up on my grip I had on him, and moaned. Sasori pulled me into another kiss, one filled with lust, and he continued his pace until an eruption of amazing pleasure exploded inside me.
        Panting and sweating I fell back bringing Sasori down with me. He closed his eyes and stroked my legs that were still around him. “That was...... Worth the wait........ Asuka.” Sasori panted. I stroked his hair and kissed his forehead, unwrapping my legs around him. “I cannot........... Believe we........ Just.......” “Fucked?” I nodded my head and smiled. Sasori pulled me back up and we sat on the couch just being happy in each others arms. “If anyone asks-” “Nobody is going to ask Sasori. I've known you since childhood.” I stated cutting him off. He chuckled and nodded in agreement. “I'll be back next Saturday and I'll stay the weekend with you.” Sasori whispered kissing my cheek. I giggled. “I better be prepared for those nights with you.” I teased. He smiled evilly and nuzzled his lips between my neck. “You can count on that my dear sweet Asuka. You are mine and I will always have something we can do together.” He growled. I smiled and kissed him sweetly.