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Red & Violet {A Grell LEMON One-Shot}

(The lovely Lady Violette Willows)                  &         (The awesome Psycho Grim Reaper Grell Sutcliff)

Character Info:

Lady Violette Willows was a well privileged, and known throughout Paris. Not a very good thing actually. Violette's family history leads back to the Salem Witch Trials. One of her ancestors was accused of being a witch, and eventually sentenced to death. On the day of execution, the accused ancestor was not in the cell. Instead, in the ancestors place, was a black cat with bright violet eyes. And so hence the Witch Family. This family grew and grew and spread out throughout the world, until the only living witches were settled in Paris. The Willows. Violette has inherited the eyes of her ancestor, and is looked down upon. Violette's father knew of her mother's background, but chose her to wed over all others. Violette has one older brother who resides in London, England, thus beginning an adventure for the young and fair Violette. She enjoys walks near the gardens of Paris, listening and playing the violin and just giving a hand to those in need. Even though Violette is part of a wealthy family, she prefers to live a normal life, much rather then a noble life. What she wants in a life-partner seems to be out of reach for this lovely witch descendent.

~Author's Note: Okay, this takes like six years BEFORE Sebastian and Ciel make their contract and BEFORE they even know about Grell Sutcliff and the Dispatch Society. Just to clear things a bit and not confuse anyone.~


         (Visiting my brother in London was a delightful idea) I thought to myself. Oh how I loved visiting different places, but I had to say London was my favorite. It was beautiful, it was magnificent and above all else, it made me feel welcomed. Nobody knew me, so nobody would judge me or my family, and I could just be normal. I had waited for so long to visit my dear older brother again. Ever since he had left Paris, life has been nothing but misery. I had traveled by boat from Paris to England, and then the rest of the way I road in a carriage. The gentlemen that was driving the carriage was my brother's butler, who was nothing but kind to me. I loved nature that London had. I loved the clock tower, I loved the music in the streets, and I loved that nobody would waltz right up to me, and declare me a witch. London may have the most unusual crimes but it was certainly beautiful. Especially in the springtime.
        As the carriage continued trotting along the road I couldn't help but gaze out the window. I sighed happily knowing none of the faces and knowing that the faces didn't know me. My reputation was unknown everywhere except Paris. Indeed I did love Paris, but I just hated that I was known all over. Everyone looks at me and starts ranting about how my family shouldn't continue on. Alas, I sometimes wished they would just put me out of my misery. Everyone knew because of my eyes. The eyes that belonged to my Ancestor. Purple eyes. The purple eyes in which I was judged the day I was born. The carriage ride seemed endless, but we had finally stopped. I sat up and gazed out at the lovely household. It was small compared to the others homes I had seen, but I loved this one all the more. My brother was waiting for me at the steps of his lovely manor, smiling his bright smile and eyes as normal as could be. How I envied him. I hated my eyes, they were a curse inflicted on me at birth. The butler had stepped down from coach seat and opened the door.
       I stepped down taking his hand and embracing my eldest brother. “Oh Violette it's so good to see you again.” He stated, those beautiful blue eyes sparkling with his smile. “Indeed. It's good to see you too Charles.” I stated back. Charles Willows. A man who could have any woman, any time, any where. Though he lived a single life, he did speak of finding that special woman to bear him a child. “Come come darling you must be exhausted after that long trip.” Charles said gesturing me to walk inside. I nodded but only after I had gotten my bag from the elderly butler. “You are too kind Joesph, but I got this under control.” I stated with a smile. Joesph smiled back. “You're sure madame??” He asked. I nodded and picked up my bag and was allowed to be escorted to the manor. “As always Violette I have some tea waiting for you, and your guest quarters are neatly made for your arrival.” Charles stated “Well?? go on to your room. I'm sure the room will be to your liking. It always is.” Charles said with a chuckle. I chuckled with him as well then headed up the spiral stairs to the guest quarters. I smiled at the neatly organized room in which I would stay for the next two weeks.
            I took in a deep breath and began unpacking my clothes and setting them in the wardrobe and closet. When I had everything in it's place, I headed back downstairs, searching for my brother. He, of course, was sitting in the garden sipping his cup of tea. “I assume you love the room dear sister??” Charles asked, not looking up to me. I smiled and helped myself to the seat across from him. “Of course I love it.” I simply replied. Charles looked up at me with that smirk on his face. “Tea??” He asked. “Oh yes thank you.” I replied back. Charles nodded his head and had a servant bring another cup of tea. “The garden looks fabulous.” I noted. “It still needs work. I'm planing on having some of the carnations removed and replacing them with poppies and roses.” Charles explained. I chuckled. “Always a man of change aren't you Charles??” I asked teasingly. He smirked and simply took another sip of tea. “Change is good Violette darling. If there was not change we'd all never could have accomplished all that has happened.” He stated taking another sip of tea. I looked from the garden to my cup of tea and sighed. “I wish I could change.” I whispered to myself.
        Charles looked up at me and sighed. “You need to forget about those people in Paris. They are nothing but imbeciles.” Charles snapped. “It still doesn't stop them from being cruel to me.” I whispered sadly. Charles rolled his eyes. “Violette, it won't change. Nothing about our family history will change. But it's how you chose to accept it.” He explained. I shook my head. “I have accepted our family history, but nobody has.” I hissed softly. Charles and I sat quietly taking sips of tea and simply taking in the garden view. After awhile, Charles received a phone call from his company saying that he needed to make appearance. “I promise to be back tomorrow. In the mean time, help yourself to anything, and if you wish you may head into town.” Charles briefly explained. I nodded and assured him that nothing would be out of place. Once he had left, I decided to head into town.
          Joseph was very kind to accompany me, and look after me while I looked around the town. I brought my own money and intended to only spend very little. I was always one for saving my money. Once Joseph and I had the carriage set up, We headed into town. “Where shall we go my lady??” Joseph asked with curiosity. I smiled. “What is the best place to buying instruments?” I asked. Joseph smiled. “I know just the place madame Violette.” He stated turning his attention back to the road. I smiled and sat back took in the scene. Joseph continued watching the road and would occasionally ask if I was all right. I liked having people I could trust. Joseph and my brother were always kind when nobody was. As we headed into town, I could tell something was happening. “Oh dear. Looks like another person was killed madame.” Joseph stated helping out of the carriage. “Oh dear. That's horrible.” I stated. “Lets be on our way Milady.” Joseph said uneasy. “Oh but I want to see who the person is.” I stated walking up to where the crowd was standing. “Mi-Mi-Milady!! Please wait!!” Joseph stuttered following me into the crowd.
         I managed to wiggle my way through the crowd to the front. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. A woman was murdered beyond recognition. “Milady! We should not be here.” Joseph stated his voice quivering. “Oh the poor woman.” I said softly. I felt Joseph gently take my hand. “Milady I really think we should not be here. It's getting very crowded.” He stated leading me away from the crowded area. “Oh Joseph who could do such a thing??” I asked with worry. “I am not sure milady, but for now Scotland Yard is working on it.” Joseph explained. I took in a deep breath. “Shall we find that instrument store you spoke of Joseph??” I asked noting how pale he was. He quickly nodded his head and began leading me about the town. While walking, I couldn't help but look about the town. It was very pretty and very large. Not as large as Paris though.
         Joseph stopped at a stand in the middle of the street. “This is the best place Milady. I know it may not be much, but it's got the best working instruments in London.” Joseph explained. I smiled and looked at all the lovely crafted instruments. “What can I get you madame??” The owner asked with a kind smile. “I'm looking for a small instrument. Something that I can carry around and that is not heavy.” I explained. The owner of the stand thought for a moment and then smiled. “I had a new shipment yesterday.” He simply stated with a smile while looking around his little stand. Joseph smiled. “This man knows instruments like a mechanic knows machinery.” he explained with a chuckle. I smiled back. “I'm sure he is Joseph. Otherwise you wouldn't have brought me here.” I stated teasingly. Joseph laughed. “That indeed Milady.” he stated. When the man came back he had a black case in his hands.
          “This was just brought here from across the sea of Italy. It's a masterpiece and very valuable.” He stated handing me the case. I opened the case and sitting inside was a fabulously well crafted violin. It was cherry woodwork with fine details of different vine designs. “How well does it play??” I asked arching an eyebrow. “Try it and test it out yourself madame.” The owner simply replied. I picked up the bow and placed the violin in it's place under my chin. With a loving stroke, I began playing one of Beethoven's symphonies from my memory. I closed my eyes lost in the music and focused on remembering the notes perfectly. I could hear more people crowding over where I was, but I wanted to focus more on the music. (Nothing appears wrong, and it plays so beautifully.) I thought with a smile. When I finished the piece from Beethoven, I stopped only to hear applause from a crowd that had surrounded Joseph and I. “I'll take it.” I said with joy. “Very good Madame, and you play beautifully.” The owner stated. “How much??” I asked taking out my purse.
       “Anyone who can play Beethoven from complete memory should keep it for free.” The owner said with a respectful bow. “I'll give you this much.” I stated ignoring his attempts to not keep the money. “Use it to get more instruments. I would feel terrible not leaving you anything.” I stated with a small smile. Without another word, Joseph and I headed back about town. I held the new violin case close to me, for fearing of theft. “You're suddenly popular Milady.” Joseph noted looking behind us. I smiled and giggled. “Music brings out the best in people Joseph.” I stated cheerfully. Joseph stopped in his tracks and chuckled. “I think they want to hear more.” Joseph said. I chuckled and shrugged. “I guess I can play one more piece before heading home.” I suggested taking the violin out of the case and placing the violin in place. With another stroke of the bow, I began one of my favorite Beethoven masterpiece, Symphony No. 6.
         The crowd surrounded me once more and listened to the piece I could remember from my early childhood. Joseph smiled and closed his eyes swaying to the rhythm of the hypnotic sounds. I inhaled and continued working from memory until I finished. The crowd that had surrounded me clapped and some even said I could be a musician. I placed my new violin in my case and bowed to the crowd. “Thank you.” I said with a smile. Joseph chuckled and led me away from the crowd. “They're going to start a fan club now.” Joseph stated with another chuckle. “I just know my music.” I stated innocently. Joseph laughed but then looked at his pocket-watch. “Oh dear. It's getting awfully late. We should head back to the manor immediately.” He stated. I nodded my head. “I'll come around town again with my brother next time hopefully.” I said as we headed to the carriage. Once I was in the carriage, Joseph took his place on the couch and we started on our way home. The whole ride home I couldn't help but feel....... Watched.
        I would look around and just try to see what was causing this feeling I was feeling. Nothing out of the ordinary I could tell you that much. However the nagging feeling never ceased to stop eating me alive. Just as things couldn't get stranger, the carriage came to an abrupt stop. “Joseph?? What's happening??” I asked. “The carriage has lost a wheel milady...... Heaven knows why.” Joseph started jumping from the seat of the coach and looking at the tire. “It's strange. It was perfectly fine when I inspected it before we left.” Joseph added scratching his head. I chuckled. “It's not a long way. We'll just walk.” I stated stepping from the carriage. “Walk?!? Milady I can't believe you'd even suggest that. Your gown may get dirty, and you may grow tired, and-and-” “Joseph, I have not liked being of noble birth. I am able to walk and I am able to keep my gown from getting filthy. If I shall fail I will simply wash it myself.” I stated. Joseph looked around. “The lord would have my head if I allowed you to do such a thing milady.” He replied. I sighed. “What do you suppose we do then??” I asked.
        “I'll try to fix the wheel Milady. If I cannot fix it, then we shall head onward on foot.” Joseph explained. I sighed, but agreed to this. I decided to sit down on a log that was near the carriage, and waited for Joseph. I knew nothing about fixing anything but I was sure Joseph didn't either. I would offer to help, but Joseph seemed like he didn't want any. I closed my eyes and enjoyed the sun shining on my face. I began thinking of my future. Maybe finding someone suitable for me. You never know. A girl can dream couldn't she?? As I sat in my thoughts I didn't notice that someone had walked up to me. When I DID notice, I literally jumped. “Sorry miss.” The voice stated. I looked up and felt my face warm up. Standing in front of me was a man. A very handsome man with bright green eyes hiding behind rectangular glasses. He wore a black suit and a red tie which matched his short red hair

{YEAH!! He's got SHORT red hair in this part Deal with it people =_=}

           “It's okay.” I managed to hear myself say to this man. He smiled, and that's when I noticed his teeth...... Very sharp looking. “I couldn't help but notice your predicament here.” He stated gesturing the carriage. “Oh yes. Indeed.” I stated quickly getting up seeing Joseph panting. “I can give you a ride, I was passing through and saw this.” The man explained. Joseph looked up and chuckled. “Mr. Sutcliff. Long time no see.” Joseph stated shaking the man's hand. “Mr. Sutcliff??” I asked arching an eyebrow. Joseph turned to me. “This is the friend your brother mentioned a few times Milady.” Joseph explained. Mr. Sutcliff looked at me with wide eyes. “You're Charles's sister??” he asked in shock. I smiled shyly and nodded my head. “I'm Violette Willows.” I stated. Mr. Sutcliff smiled and took my hand and kissed it softly. “A pleasure to meet you Miss Willows.” he stated. After assuring us that Charles wouldn't be flustered with the carriage being broken down, Mr. Sutcliff brought Joseph and me home to my brother's manor.
       The whole way there Joseph was telling me of Charles link with Mr. Sutcliff. “You see Charles is training to become a Shinigami.” Joseph explained. I tilted my head. “Shinigami??” I asked. “A Grim Reaper Miss Willows.” Mr. Sutcliff stated. “Oh? A Grim Reaper??” I asked, though I couldn't hide the excitement in my voice. Joseph nodded his head. “The lord was so fascinated with The Dispatch Society, he wanted to help the supernatural world, so he began his training as a Grim Reaper.” Joseph explained. I listened with amazement. When we had arrived at the manor, Charles was standing outside with worry on his face. “Violette!! Oh thank god you're all right!!” He stated as Joseph helped me out of the carriage. “I'm sorry My lord! The carriage broke down a few miles away.” Joseph explained. Charles sighed. “At least you made it home safe.” Charles said. Mr. Sutcliff had stepped out of his carriage and smiled at Charles. “Evening Charles. I hope you remembered my arrival.” He stated. Charles chuckled. “Of Course Grell. I would never forget about something so important.” He replied. I looked up at Charles. “Why haven't you told me about you training to become A Grim Reaper??” I asked with curiosity.
       Charles stared at me in disbelief. “Who told you that??” He asked nervously. “Oops..... Were Joseph and I NOT supposed to tell her??” Mr. Sutcliff asked with worry. Charles glared up at Joseph and Mr. Sutcliff, but then sighed. “I would have had to tell her eventually.” He chuckled. I smiled. We all settled down for dinner and I heard amazing things about Grim Reapers. I just didn't like the part that there were some Grim Reapers who kill for their own sick pleasures. Mr. Sutcliff..... Or Grell, was a charming man. I loved how his hair was deep red, and his eyes were so bright. His smile was actually amusing, and he seemed to be well maintained.

{-Insert laugh here- Yeah right XDD}

      After dinner, I decided to head off to bed. Before I could even reach the stairs, Mr. Sutcliff had stopped me. “Excuse me Miss Willows-” “Violette.” I stated. “Excuse me??” “You can just call me Violette.” I stated with a smile. He smiled back. “Very well..... Violette. I was wondering if I could interest you in a tour around London. Charles would take you, But seeing that he's going to be very busy.....” He cut himself off and scratched the back of his head. I giggled. “I'd love to Mr. Sutcliff.” “Grell.” I giggled again. “Very well. I'd love to...... Grell.” I replied again. He nodded his head. “I shall pick you up tomorrow for the tour.” He explained. I nodded my head and then headed to bed. My thoughts were filled with images of him. How I wanted to sleep, but the images in my mind prevented me from doing so. So I simply sat in bed, and pulled out my ancestor's Spell book. I was indeed a witch and I intended to become a fully well trained witch. I only knew a little bit of levitation, and making things disappear..... I have yet to figure out how to make them reappear though. -insert sweat drop here- but I would eventually figure it out.

~Skipping ahead, One Year later~

          I haven't returned to Paris for a full year. I intended to never return to the place where I was unwelcomed. Grell and I started seeing each other, and it's been a fabulously wonderful year with him. Oh how I loved him. He even knew, and would say he loved me back. It was unknown to many people two lovers that were not married, but I didn't want to force anything on Grell, or on myself. I loved him yes, but I guess I wasn't ready to settle down and marry. Grell and I had gotten a small house together, which was actually given to us by Charles. (By the way, his training is very brutal, as what he told me) I would wait for Grell to return from the Dispatch Society, and you know, just be the housewife. I cooked for him, but unlike most men, he actually helped me with cooking and cleaning. I guess the witch in me wasn't ready to give myself up to him, but I could tell he was in no rush at all.
        I loved how different he was. I even told him about my ancestor, he simply stated he'd love me even if I were Medusa. I found that extremely funny. It's another afternoon, I'm at home taking care of everything, and also practicing my magic again. (In which I have been failing miserably) When I grew bored of trying, I decided to play my violin. I had been working on a piece of music for awhile now, and I was ready to play it. With a flick of my wrist I began playing.

(Grell's POV:)

       (It was nice of William to give me the rest of the day off.) I thought with a self smile. I had been waiting all day to see Violette. I was planing on taking her out on a picnic or maybe a stroll around the park. I knew she would be surprised when she saw me home early. William had met Violette when Charles brought her to the Dispatch Society, and how William was envious of me. -Insert chuckle here- As I headed home, William gave me some good advice. He told me that if we should ever wed, then I'd have to stay in disguise so demons or angels, or other unholy beings wouldn't be able to get to my Violette. Even though I do love her, I haven't worked up the nerve to even bring up the subject. I felt pathetic that I couldn't be serious around her anymore. I take one look at those gorgeous eyes of hers, and my heart stops beating. Silly isn't it?? I've never told her that to her face, but I did plan on telling her someday.
        Walking up to the door of the house Violette and I shared, I opened the door and froze in my tracks. Filling the air was a sad feeling melody. I quietly closed the door and tip-toed to the living area and sat nearest to Violette who had her eyes closed and playing the beautifully brilliant masterpiece.

{The piece is called Sad Romance By Thao Nguyen Xanh}

      As Violette finished the piece I couldn't help but clap. She spun around and nearly screamed, but I quickly jumped from where I was sitting and darted at her silencing that scream by kissing her passionately.

(Back To Violette)

       As I kissed Grell, I could feel him pull me closer to him. I felt my cheeks flush when we pulled away and he was giving me a look of pleasure. “I felt like I was going to cry when I heard that.” He stated teasingly. I giggled. “When did you get home??” I asked realizing he was early. “William let me off early. I plan on spending the entire day with you my dear sweet musician.” He replied with that wide grin of his. “Well don't scare me like that! I nearly had a heart attack!!” I snapped. Grell just laughed. “As long as I'm alive with you, I'll make sure you NEVER die.” He whispered, nuzzling his nose in the crock of my neck, making me sigh softly. I could feel Grell chuckle against my skin, thus making me sigh a bit louder. “Missed you today.” He whispered seductively, as he felt his way around my waist. I closed my eyes and wrapped my arms around his neck enjoying his touch. “I missed you too Grell.” I whispered back. Grell stopped what he was doing and gently pulled himself away.
        “I've never seen you look so innocent Violette.” He snickered. I opened my eyes and blushed slightly. “I..... I.....” I couldn't even finish my sentence. I simply took one of his hands and lead him to our bedroom. His eyes widen in shock, and I think he was blushing a bit. “Violette..... Are you sure??” He asked. I blushed harder. “I think we've been waiting long enough.” I whispered. Grell took off his coat and pulled me into a loving embrace. “Tell me if you want to start.” He whispered. I nodded my head and wrapped my arms around his neck again. Grell smiled and stroked my back kissing me sweetly and softly on the lips. I closed my eyes lost in lust and desire. Grell pulled away and began unbuttoning his suit and allowing the outfit to fall on the ground. I blushed darkly seeing his amazing body structure. I shyly led his hands to the back of my gown where my zipper waited.
        Slowly, but surely, Grell began unzipping my gown and allowing it to fall past my shoulders. I removed my choker and shakily led him to the bed. I sat on the bed and partly covered up my chest. Grell inched his way on top of me, making me re-expose my chest to him once more. Grell snickered but I could still see the blush on his face. I closed my eyes when I felt him start removing my undergarments and press himself against me gently. I sighed in pleasure encouraging him to press onward and remove his trousers. Before I knew it, Grell and I were completely at each others mercy. He gulped and brought my lips to his once more before positioning himself and making his entrance inside me. I bit my lip and clutched on the bedsheets and tightened my eyes shut. Grell froze and stopped. “Violette? Am-Am I??” I just opened my eyes and forced myself to buck against him. Oh how much it hurt, but by doing so, Grell found confidence to press on. He slowly rode me up and down, in then out allowing me to keep in rhythm with him.
      As we continued our love-making, I suddenly felt something deep within my stomach. I started moaning softly with each pump he thrusted inside me. When we had gotten with the rhythm, he started picking up the pace. Of course the faster he went, the more it began hurting, but that all passed and I found myself wrapping my arms around him, bucking against him. He would growl and moan each time my hips would grind against his. The feeling in my stomach started to tighten up, making me arch my back screaming in ecstasy. Grell continued pumping his pace fast and hard, until I was no longer in rhythm with him. Nothing but our moans and screams of pleasure could be heard from our lips until we hit our peaks. Panting, sweating, and absolutely satisfied, Grell and I laid in bed just speechless about what had just happened today.

~Nine Months Later~
(Nobody's POV:)

       Grell was rushing through his assignments trying to make it in time. He didn't care if he did his job right, he just cared that he could get it done as fast as he could. When he “FINISHED” he darted back to the Dispatch Society and turned in his report to William. “Grell Violette just called.” William stated. Grell froze in his tracks. “I think you better hurry if you wanna be there.” William simply added. With a nod Grell darted off, putting on his regular disguise and started running to the nearest hospital. He didn't bother asking where Violette's room was, he knew exactly where it was. By the time he made it to the room, he could not hear a thing. Carefully as could be, he opened the door and peeked inside. “Violette??” He asked uneasy. Violette looked up at him with the brightest smile, and slight tears trickling down her lovely cheeks. Grell walked in closing the door behind him and started to Violette. “I missed it??” He asked with hurt. “Afraid so.” Violette replied, her voice low and tired. Grell sighed, but then looked around. “Where's the-” He didn't even finish his sentence. Violette smiled and removed a cloth revealing a sleeping newborn baby. “It's a girl Grell.” Violette said softly brushing the infants hair back.
      Grell looked at the baby and felt a tear roll down his cheek. “Wh-What did you name her??” He asked. Violette smiled wider. “You get to name her.” She stated gesturing to him. Grell gently picked up the sleeping infant and started weeping silently. “I-I ge-get to na-name her??” He asked. Violette nodded her head, her eyes slowly dropping. Grell went silent for a moment before looking up at Violette. “Charlotte Minniette...... Sutcliff” He stated. Violette smiled and held out her hand. “It's perfect.” Violette stated before dozing off into sleep. Grell held Violette's hand, and held the infant close to him. “Charlotte.” He whispered softly. Charlotte made a sound in her sleep, opened her eyes slightly, but enough for Grell to see Bright green eyes, then she closed them again. Grell chuckled softly and then started humming while stroking Violette's hand.


    and im glad you put it back in time befor sebastian who needs a dad thats in love with a demon butler that would be creepy ;3

  2. lolz Thank you and that is actually funny cuz I'm hand writing a fanfic about this LEMON where Sebastian grows attatched to the toddler Charlotte...... Not going into detail though lolz But I'm glad you LOVED IT XDD

  3. omg this is so cool. i liked how u made grell have short hair.

  4. Thank you very much ^^ I made Grell with Short hair because I watched a Kuroshitsuji OVA and he had SHORT hair XDD lolz But anyway Glad you liked it