Sunday, July 15, 2012

Devil's Pet Witch {A Sebastian LEMON One Shot}

(The Eternal Witch Anita Sonders)             &                      (The All Smexy Demon Butler Sebastian Michaelis)

Character Info:

Anita Sonders was born October 6, 1674. At a young age she lost her father in a storm, and was raised alone by her mother. When Anita turned sixteen, her mother was hanged for witchcraft. That same day Anita left that town, and moved in with an old friend of her fathers. Anita knew the truth about her mother. She was indeed a real witch. Two years after, Anita found herself close to being engaged with a wealthy boy in the new town she has moved to, which was Salem, Massachusetts, the year was 1695 and Anita is well aware of the mayhem of the Witch Trials and has kept her witch powers hidden. Although nobody would dare accuse her, she is certain she will be next. Well during the Witch Trails an unmarried man entered the village and was in need of a servant. Of course Anita wasn't the first choice, but after switching masters with her dear friend Lucinda, she finds herself working for this man. Later on that month, she finds herself falling for this man, who reveals himself as a demon. Unfortunately she is finally convicted of witchcraft and is hanged. However, she forgot that by mating with a devil, you gain immortality. Only as long as the devil remains alive. Now in the 1800s, Anita is lost and wishes for nothing more then to end her life........

~Author's Note~

When Anita speaks about the person in this story, she's actually talking about Sebastian however she doesn't know Sebastian is the guy she's fallen for. Oh and sorry for using witches again, it's just my obsession right now XD Okay please enjoy..........


It was too much to bare. It was too hard to let go. I wanted nothing more then to have my life die and wither away. I lost everything. My friend Lucinda, my only family I had left, Jay Valence, and the love of my life, Victor Lament. I despised every living creature that was able to die. When you are alone for so long, death seems to be the only way out. However I couldn't die yet. You see, I'm a witch. Born and raised as a witch by my mother. I didn't sell my soul to Satan, like my mother did, I had just inherited her power after she was hanged. However I did sell my soul to a demon, but I didn't realize it. I was only eighteen when I first met him. This was Victor Lament. I had given myself to him and now I was alone. I suppose he thinks me as dead. I didn't know. It had been centuries since then.

I had erased my memory. I had hoped that by forgetting everything I would be happy again. However my curious mind led me to recover my memory. I had ended up in a mansion working as a servant. I didn't mind. I was still silent. I refused to allow anyone to know that I had my memory back. I didn't speak, I acted shy, and I responded to the name they all have called me. Ani. The first three letters of my real name. I am just obedient, and silent. I won't even look at the other servants in the eye. Mey-rin, Bardroy, Finnian, and the butler Sebastian. The young lord, Ciel Phantomhive, has been trying to help regain my memory. But since I do know of my true identity, I really did not need help. I didn't leave however. I couldn't. There was something about this place that kept me bound. Maybe it wasn't the place. Perhaps it was the people. Well..... Person...... Sebastian was a very loyal creature.

He was handsome, as well as deadly. I had seen the way he fights, and it stops my heart just staring at him. Of course he is aware that I wish to give him my heart. I know this because when he's not busy, he's always smiling at me when I walk by. He is always there whenever I slip and fall, and he's always the one who tells me good night. Not to mention that he's always asking me questions about myself. I don't reply to them however. I must keep to myself. I must not succumb to his beauty. It would ruin me as a witch, and it would ruin me to betray the man I had fallen for. It seems like forever, but the night finally comes. I head off to bed before I can see Sebastian. I'm going to leave this place before I become even more attached to this place. I pack only what was mine. My spell book, an old night gown, and another change of clothes.

There is a knock on the door. I froze and quickly and quietly hide the bag I am packing and answer the door. It's Sebastian. He's looking concerned and worried. I don't look him in the eye, I just stare at the floor like I always do when I'm around him.

Ani? Is something wrong? You've been looking paler by the day.” He stated.

I just shrug my shoulders, not taking my eyes off the floor. He put a gloved finger under my chin and made me look at him. I didn't know what it was about this man. He had eyes like Victor. Very deadly and yet heartless. It made my heart skip just looking into them. This time however, I feared them. I pulled my chin away from his hand and looked back down at the floor. I refused to look back up. Sebastian sighed and then patted my head.

I'll leave you to rest. Goodnight Ani.” He simply replied.

I waited till he walked away and then I closed my door and looked at my bag that was slightly in view. I was thankful he didn't see it. When I had finished packing, I opened the window in the room and quietly climbed down to the ground. I looked up at the window. There was no turning back. I started running. I knew I was never a fast runner, but I was determined to leave this place behind. At least until I found Victor. I didn't care how long it would take me. I wanted to be held by Victor again. I managed to make it to the dirt path and that's when I stopped running and just walked. I looked around getting ready for anything. I was just a paranoid wreck. I would turn around and listen to the darkness. I had been indoors for only a few months, and I was already losing my ability to see in the dark. I knew I would have to take my spell book out and redo the spell.

I stopped walking and rested on my knees looking through my small bag. I didn't even get a chance to find my spell book when I heard steps behind me. I froze in my spot not looking behind me. I knew those footsteps all too well. Only a few months and I was familiar with everything and everyone in the manor. I bit my lip, and resumed my search for my spell book. I needed it this time. I really did! When I found it, the footsteps had stopped. I finally had the courage to turn around. There was nothing. I closed my bag and held my spell book under my arm. When I flung my bag back over my shoulder, I started walking again. (It's all in your head. You're just feeling that guilty conscious.) I thought opening my spell book. I scolded myself, realizing that it was too dark for me to even see the spell correctly. I closed my eyes and slammed my spell book shut. I sat myself on the ground on my knees again and started crying.

I was so confused. Why was I feeling guilty? How did I fall for someone else? Why was I losing my witches powers? Why did I feel so empty whenever Sebastian wasn't near me? I hated feeling like this.

Victor. Where are you when I need you?” I sobbed silently.

So you can talk. About time too.”

I froze recognizing the voice. I slowly stood up and turned around. There was nobody behind me. I felt my throat dry up. I was a witch without a spell to see in the dark. I looked around me but I didn't see anything.

How long were you going to play this little charade Ani?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head. I grabbed my spell book and my bag again and started walking again. (Don't reveal too much.) I snapped at myself. The footsteps resumed behind me, which made me start to run. By this point I knew I was caught, but I was still determined to at least try to get away. While running, I hit tree branches, which caused me to drop my spell book. I quickly turned around to get my book, but someone had already picked it up. I felt my heart singe in pain as I looked at Sebastian Michaelis looking through my spell book with an amused look on his face.

A witch book huh? So that makes you a witch?” He asked not looking up from the book.

That's for only my eyes, not yours.” I snapped without thinking.

He looked up from the book and to my shock, his eyes were glowing red. I had to step back just to make sure I had something to support myself with. He was grinning playfully, while closing the book.

So. You've regained your memory. How long have you had it?”

That doesn't matter. I’m leaving and that's that.”

Without saying goodbye? Or without saying thank you to my young master?”

Just give me my book back or I'll send you to hell!” I shouted.

I didn't even blink when he darted right at me. He quickly spun me around so my back was to his chest, while he held my arms that were across my chest. I felt frozen again. (There's only one other person who does this whenever I shout.) I thought with fear. Sebastian lowered his voice in my ear, which had a soft purr to his tone.

I don't need to go back to hell on two accounts. One, I have my master and his contract, and two,”

He let go of my left arm and pulled down my dress sleeve revealing a black feather. I closed my eyes while he lightly traced the feather mark on my arm.

I've got my pet witch to reclaim.”

I shot my eyes open and looked at him from the corner of my eye.

Pet witch? To reclaim?” I asked nervously.

Anita don't you remember me at all?” He asked with a wicked playful grin.

I felt my body stiffen. (How did he know my real name?! Who is he?!) I shouted in my thoughts. Sebastian spun me around and cupped my chin making me stare into his red eyes. His heartless red demon eyes. His wicked playful smile growing wider.


Anita do I look that stupid? I knew who you were, you just didn't remember me.” he explained his grin suddenly turning into a frown.

But.... No! You're not!”

I pulled away from him and backed away from him. His frown turned into shock. I shook my head.

You're not Victor! You're not! You can't be!”

By this point I didn't care if I got my spell book back. I just wanted to get away from him. I didn't even take a step, when he ran at me again and pulled my chin up again and roughly kissed me. I felt my blood run cold. I tried pushing him away but that only made him kiss me harder, while pulling me to his chest. I finally gave in to the kiss and kissed him back. He brought my arms and wrapped them around his neck. He bit my lower lip and forced his tongue into my mouth. I moaned into the kiss, which made him pull away. I panted staring at him in shock. He had a victorious grin on his face.

Now, did that kiss remind you of Victor?” He asked.

I felt my heart rise in my throat. He picked me up bridal style and continued to stare at me in the eyes.

How..... Did you know it was me?” I asked.

He gave me another kiss and then pulled away.

You were the only woman who knew how to make the devil's forbidden Blackberry Sage tea.” He snickered.

I started chuckling. I felt so stupid at that point. Sebastian laughed with me but stopped and brought me into the woods. I looked around and realized that he was actually gliding through the air over the rooftops of London. I tightened my grip around his neck and closed my eyes.

Still afraid of heights?” Sebastian asked.

Very.” I replied.

Don't worry. After tonight you'll have nothing else to fear.” Sebastian whispered evilly.

I forced myself to open my eyes and look at him. He was focused on gliding across the rooftops. I bit my lip and forced my head to turn where we were going. When he did stop gliding we were heading into a graveyard. When we were behind the gates of the graveyard Sebastian set me down.

Uh, Sebastian......Why are we here?” I asked nervously.

Well you said it was a fantasy of yours to make love in a graveyard.” Sebastian snickered in my ear.

I felt a blush creep across my face. (I can't believe he remembered that!) I thought with shock.

But..... Won't your master be furious that you're not there?” I asked.

When my master's eyes are closed, the night is mine to control.” He replied in a low whisper.

I bit my bottom lip again, feeling his hands trace over the sides of my body. I shivered at his touch. He pulled away from me and took his gloves off with his teeth. I felt my heart sink when I saw the contract on the back of one of his hands. He noticed this and cupped my chin.

Now my pet. There is no need for you to be heartbroken. You are my pet. He will only have my services until his goals are fulfilled.” Sebastian assured me.

I just nodded my head.

Sebastian....... Why did you leave me?” I asked.

I was in a rage of fury after they hung you. I wasn't thinking clearly at the time. By the time I did come to my senses, your body and soul had disappeared.” Sebastian explained.

And so...... You didn't even go looking for me?” I asked.

He sighed and placed his marked hand over my cheek. I closed my eyes enjoying the soft touch of his hand.

Anita. I did try looking for you. The only problem was that I didn't realize I hadn't fully marked you.” He stated.

What does that mean?” I asked.

Anita. We made love once. For you to have the full mark, we were to make love two more times.” Sebastian explained.

I felt the blush come back onto my face. He smirked and brought his lips to my ear.

My, you look so adorable. A very natural trait for a witch.”

I looked into his demon red eyes that were still glowing, and staring down at me. I felt so small compared to him. I wanted him more then ever. I didn't care about the many unanswered questions I had for him, all I cared about was that I would have him back. Sebastian took his tailcoat jacket off and placed it on the ground. I blushed when he looked up at me with another one of his wicked playful smiles. I allowed him to pull me down until I was on my knees. Sebastian brought me into another kiss, while unzipping the back of my dress. I moaned into the kiss feeling his hands glide inside the back of my dress. When he pulled the dress off my shoulders I quickly covered my chest. He gave me a 'really' look, and gently pried my arms away from my chest.

It's not like I haven't seen you naked before.” He snickered.

But I have changed over the years.” I argued.

He snickered and brought me closer to him, where my breast were pressing against his chest.

I must admit it. You have been maturing. I can't wait to see where else you've matured.” He snickered laying me down on his tailcoat.

I unbuttoned his shirt and exposed his chest. I blushed seeing that his pants had a bulge through them. (Oh my he must be really hard right now.) I thought with a giggle. He stripped the rest of his shirt off and managed to take off my panties. I felt the cold earth of the graveyard soil hit my flesh. He easily took his slacks and undergarments off and brought my legs around him. I was expecting him to enter me, but he didn't. Instead he lowered his head down to my entrance and licked his lips. I felt my body tense up as his tongue entered me. I closed my eyes and tried to clutch onto something. The only thing around me was the soil, and it really didn't help. His tongue explored deeper into me until it hit a certain sport. I arched my back and moaned softly clutching my hands into fists. I could hear him chuckling as his tongue seeped deeper and deeper making me go from moaning softly, to nearly screaming.

I felt my climax slowly making it's way, but before it could, Sebastian withdrew his tongue and licked his lips again. I looked at him pleading for him not to stop. He smirked and licked his fingers after his lips. He then entered a finger into me making me arch my back again and moan.

You've been a good pet in my absence.” He snickered evilly.

Se-bas-tian!” I panted.

He inserted another finger into me and slowly started pumping his two fingers in and out. I moaned louder, and louder and louder each time he inserted another finger inside me.

Oh Anita. How I've longed for this!.” Sebastian whispered sexually.

He pumped his fingers faster and faster inside me making me buck my hips against his finger's pace. He pumped faster and faster until I released. I panted trying my hardest to keep my eyes open. Sebastian withdrew his fingers and licked each one clean.

Mmmmm. You taste as sweet as last time.” He snickered.

I blushed darkly as he pulled me up from the soil so I was sitting on his lap. His cock was bigger then I remembered, which made me nervous at first. He wrapped my arms around his neck and inserted himself into me. I clutched onto him and closed my eyes. He didn't stop inserting himself, until he was fully inside me. I cried softly, trying to get used to him being inside. Sebastian smirked and bit my neck while slowly pumping in and out of me. I moaned but I could still feel the pain of his cock deep inside me. He kept his slow pace allowing the pain to run though me. I wanted him to stop, but at the same time I just wanted him. I couldn't tell him to stop. It hurt but it had been centuries since he and I made love. Sebastian continued to bite my neck whispering how good I felt inside. I kept my eyes closed feeling his cock slowly pick up the pace. He moved faster and faster, making me clutch onto him even more.

Sebastian...... Please......”

Anita, just a few more moments. It'll pass.”

I forced myself to unclutch my arms around his neck and opened my eyes to look at him. His red demon eyes stared right back at me while still pumping faster and faster. I closed my eyes again and arched my back allowing his cock to venture deeper into me. He licked my torso to the middle of my beast and then he started sucking on my right breast. By that point I couldn't take it anymore. I started screaming in desire, which made Sebastian pump not only faster but harder as well. He moved from my right breast to my left one and sucked roughly as he pumped fiercely in and out of me. Sebastian put his arms around my back and brought me back up so I was looking at him in the eye again. His eyes looked heartless and dangerous just as they always had been . He brought me into a rough kiss and finally pumped even harder and faster into me so I was no longer in his rhythm.

I moaned into the kiss while rubbing his chest. When he pulled from the kiss, I gently bit his neck making him purr in my ear. Pretty soon I felt my climax reaching it's peak. Sebastian laid me back onto the ground and began pushing himself even further into me faster and harder then before.

Anita! You're so good!” He growled.

I arched my back again trying my hardest to keep up with him. I was failing though. His thrusts were beyond anything I had experienced. He was amazing. Just as amazing as when we first mated. When I had finally hit my climax, he had finally stopped his hard thrusts. I felt my body go limp. I was sore, just like the very first time. However I never really remembered him being so rough. Sebastian smirked and brought me back up from the soil and bit my neck again. I closed my eyes, sighing with pleasure. When I had finally gotten my breath back, Sebastian pulled himself from me, making me moan softly. He looked around and then helped me stand. When we got dressed, Sebastian held my hand.

It would be best if you walked this off. You're going to be even more sore tomorrow night.” He snickered evilly.

I felt my cheeks burn. He just laughed and led me out of the graveyard. We walked through London until Sebastian decided it was about time to head back to the manor. The whole way home, Sebastian never let go of my hand......