Sunday, July 1, 2012

Playboy Bunny {An Itachi LEMON one shot}

(The young American Playboy Bunny Blair)      &                    (The all time Smexy Itachi Uchiha)

Character Info:
Blair is only sixteen but thanks to modifications to her birth certificate, she doesn't have to wait till she's fully eighteen. She's a runaway who had been missing since she was thirteen. When she was fourteen she had a boyfriend and lost her virginity, but she eventually broke up with him. Well one day, when she turned sixteen, a man took her into an industry where she became a Playboy bunny. Since Blair had nothing else to do in America, she quickly left with this man to Japan and has only been there for a few months. Although she gets paid to live at this Japanese Playboy mansion, the other women there get paid extra to um........... Have sex with wealthy gentlemen. (More like wealthy rough bastards actually). Well, since Blair is still new, no guy has really taken an interest in her, unless they just want eye candy. Well, that all changes when a new client comes in requesting a new bunny for a weekend for his friend......

~Author's Note~
I do hope you all like this one. It was actually my favorite by far -insert evil mad cackle here- Anyway this is told through both ITACHI'S point of view & BLAIR'S point of view. This is my first experiment in doing it through different points of view, please enjoy ^^


(Kisame's POV:)

Man. Knowing Kakuzu he'll get Itachi something that's not expensive looking, but it will look like he spent a lot of cash for Itachi's birthday. un.” Deidara whined.

Why are you even whining Deidara? You hate Itachi.” Sasori snapped.

Deidara shrugged. He clearly wasn't thinking before he said what he said.

Plus Kakuzu isn't really getting Itachi anything this year.” I stated going into my wallet.

Deidara looked over my shoulder.

Hey Kisame, hm. What are you gonna get Itachi, hm?” Deidara asked.

I quickly shut my wallet and shot him a death glare.

None your business Deidara.” I snapped in reply quickly closing my wallet.

Deidara pouted. Sasori just rolled his eyes.

Kisame are you still determined to get Itachi a better present then anyone?” Sasori asked.

I smirked.

I've already got his present. All I need to do is pay for it.” I snickered.

Sasori rolled his eyes.

Leader-sama always gets the best presents Kisame. Why bother trying?” He asked.

Well this year is gonna be different.” I mused.

Sasori rolled his eyes again. I didn't pay any attention to Sasori's negativity as I headed out. (I've finally saved enough cash to have Itachi's present!) I thought with glee. (All those months of saving and sacrificing personal spending. I'm finally gonna get Itachi the BEST birthday present EVER!) I assured myself. I smiled to myself and patted the hugely stuffed wallet of cash. (Kakuzu, Pein. Eat your hearts out!) I thought evilly. I turned a few corners, went through a few villages until I finally came to the place where I was going to.

Aha, Japan's finest Playboy Mansion!” I muttered evilly.

Staring at the three to five story building that had Playboy Bunnies living inside. I smiled victoriously knowing this place all too well.

(Blair's POV:)

Oh man Blair darling, you're growing another cup size.” My friend Maya exclaimed handing me a new bra.

You really think so?” I asked with a shy grin.

Hell to the yeah. You look well matured now.” Maya giggled.

I rolled my eyes and put my new bra on then zipped up my playboy leather black dress in the front. Maya tied my black ribbon in my hair giving me the bunny ears most guys found attractive. Maya brushed my long lightly pink blonde hair and straightened it. Afterwords, Maya helped me tie my red ribbon around my neck.

Which boots are you wearing today?” Maya asked looking in my large closet.

I want to break in my new thigh boots Jini bought for me.” I replied.

Maya brought out my new boots and helped me put them on. When we were done, I looked at myself in the mirror. Maya snickered when I practiced my innocent Bunny pose.

Oh god Blair you are so sexy.” Maya teased.

I' m sexy and I know it.” I sang in response.

Maya laughed and headed out of my room. I looked at myself in the mirror again and sighed. Indeed I did look cute, but I wasn't SEXY. (Damn me and my late maturity.) I snapped in my thoughts. I hated having to be the underdog in this place. Sure I knew I wasn't a virgin, but I hadn't had sex in almost two years. I hated being eye candy. I sighed and brushed my hair again and then fixed myself. Just then Maya came running back in my room. She had a look of shock, glee, and fear all in one look. I got nervous.

What's going on?” I asked.

There's a shark looking guy in the Mansion.” She exclaimed.

I gave her a look of disbelief.

C'mon you're kidding right?” I asked.

No! I'm drop dead serious! HE'S A FUCKING WALKING SHARK!” She snapped.

I've got to see this.” I said with with a laugh.

Maya led me downstairs to the ground floor and point ahead. There was a guy talking to Mr. Piroshki. I couldn't see the guy's face, but judging from the way he was standing he seemed to care less about whatever he looked like. Mr. Piroshki was smiling with glee and looked rather excited. The man talking to Mr. Piroshki turned around and my jaw literally dropped. Maya wasn't kidding when she said this guy LOOKED LIKE A FUCKING SHARK! His skin was blue, his hair was dark blue, his eyes were tiny, and on both his cheeks there were gills. I bit my lip when he turned his head and smiled right at Maya and me, revealing sharp teeth. (Oh lord!) I thought with a giggle. Maya quickly pulled me into the living room where some of the other playboy bunnies were. They all were talking about the shark guy talking to Mr. Piroshki. Jini was the one more curious about him then anyone.

I don't think I could handle a shark! Don't shark have like two dicks or something?” Suki asked with her cheeks flushing with laughter.

That'll be a whole new experience for me.” Jini laughed.

Did you guys see him smile? Oh lord I can just picture the making out! That would be a new trick I would need to learn.” Maya laughed.

Oh c'mon guys quit being so mean. He actually looks like he'd be a lot of fun.” I snickered.

Everyone started giggling until it roared into laughter.

Oh man Blair's right. Maybe he'll also be able to fuck two of us at once.” Jini laughed.

JINI!” We all screamed laughing our asses off our faces turning red.


We all stopped laughing but we were all still giggling when Mr. Piroshki came into the living room with the shark looking guy. He was leaning against the wall looking amused.

Having fun discussing random topics again?” He asked.

We all just looked at the Shark guy and then giggled. The shark guy smiled again, which made us giggle even more.

Ladies, this is Kisame Hoshigaki. He needs one of you lovely ladies for a weekend.” Mr. Piroshki explained.

Jini rose from her seat and winked at the shark guy.

What do you need?” She asked.

Oh, not for me. For a friend of mine.” Kisame replied.

Maya tilted her head and narrowed her eyes giving her the look of seduction.

Who is your friend?” She asked.

Kisame smiled.

I think you all know him. He's a regular here. Um. Itachi Uchiha?” He asked.

Suddenly Maya, Jini, and Suki looked at each other with wide eyes, and brick red cheeks. I arched an eyebrow.

Who's that?” I asked.

Maya giggled while Jini and Suki were biting their lower lips.

Itachi Uchiha in one hell of a beast in bed.” Maya giggled.

Kisame's smile slowly faded.

Has he already banged you?” He asked.

He's banged almost every other girl in the mansion.” Suki replied.

Kisame looked disappointed. Very disappointed. Then Jini seemed to know exactly what to say to make him feel better.

Well. Not every girl here.” Jini assured.

She then pushed me forward to Kisame. His eyes looked at me up and down and a look of approval flashed in his wide smile.

This is Blair. She's from the United States, she's eighteen and a half, very good at being eye candy, and pretty much does whatever.” Jini explained.

I shot her a death glare with my cheeks flushing with embarrassment. However, looking back at Kisame, he was quite pleased.

Okay. Miss Blair is our lucky gal.” Mr. Piroshki exclaimed.

Hold on.” Kisame said seriously.

I held my breath as he walked over to me.

Please tell me you're not a virgin.”

I laughed. It actually relaxed me a whole lot.

Naw. I lost my virginity when I was seventeen.” I lied in response.

Thank god! Okay now she's out lucky gal.” Kisame stated smiling again.

Blair lets go pack for your weekend!” Maya snickered leading me away from the two men.

When, Maya, Jini, Suki and I were in my room they began squealing.

Why the hell does it matter if I'm a virgin or not?” I asked watching them pick certain outfits and putting them in a backpack.

Because Itachi Uchiha happens to have a large hammer.” Suki giggled.

And lets not forget that he's an ANIMAL in bed.” Maya added.

And he's CREATIVE.” Jini giggled.

I arched an eyebrow again.

Who is Itachi?” I asked.

Maya smiled and handed me my back pack then led me down the hallway until we were in front of the Playboy Members Club photos. Maya looked at the wall and smirked while pointing to a picture. Suki and Jini giggled but I just stared at the picture in shock. I gulped seeing how fucking HOT this guy was.

That, Blair my dear, is Itachi Uchiha. Our number one client here.” Maya smirked.

I felt my cheeks burn up seeing much more of him in the picture then I thought.

Is it a requirement to have them NAKED when they take the picture?!” I asked nervously.

Yeah. Otherwise we won't know if it's the REAL guy or not.” Jini snickered.

I felt my face burn while looking at the picture.

Okay we've got to tell you one more thing about Itachi.” Suki stated.

Like what?” I asked.

Itachi hates the word NO. If you say NO to him, He'll do something that will MAKE you say YES. So....... Don't tell him NO.” Jini explained.

And who knows. You might like the games he may play.” Maya giggled.

Then they were pushing me to leave now. When I was downstairs, Kisame was waiting for me by the front door.

Oh Blair! When you come back we expect DETAILS!” Maya screamed.

(I'm surrounded by perverted Bunnies.) I thought with a blush. As I walked over to Kisame, he opened the door for me.

Thank you Mr. Hoshigaki.”

No, no Miss Blair. Thank YOU.”

(Itachi's POV:) ~Sometime later~
-Day 1-

Nice. Kakuzu you always seem to get me new nail polish when I really don't need it.” I stated boredly.

Kakuzu rolled his eyes, as Pein handed me another present.

This one is from me. I think you'll quite enjoy it.” Pein smirked.

I unwrapped the present and opened the box. Inside there was an very large katana. I lifted it up and smiled. (Now I can chop Deidara's head off later for the bomb he implanted in the package he gave me.) I thought evilly.

Well that should about wrap this up. -He he he Get it?-” Zetsu asked.

We get it, it's just not funny.” Sasori replied.

Just then Kisame walked in the kitchen.

Am I too late?” he asked.

You mean missing the best present being given to Itachi, then yes you are.” Pein snickered.

Kisame smirked evilly.

Sorry Leader-sama. This year I've completely beaten you!” Kisame stated.

Really now? Well then. Lets see it!” Pein snapped.

Kisame smiled wider and made a gesture behind him and someone stepped in front of him. My eyes widen in shock seeing a girl. A very, very, VERY healthy girl if you catch my meaning. She had very long pinkish blonde hair that had a big black bow tied at the top of her head, giving her a bunny look. She was wearing a black leather dress that reached her thighs that was zipped up in the front with a red bow tied around her neck. She wore thigh high boots with little red bows at the ankle of the boot. What I really like about this girl were her eyes. They looked black with splashes of starlight blue. I suddenly felt myself getting up from my seat and made my way towards this girl. She looked right at me in the eye, and a light pink blush spread across her cheeks. (Happy Birthday to ME!) I thought with a mental wide grin. Kisame smiled victoriously seeing that everyone was suddenly furious with jealousy.

Itachi, meet Blair from the Japan's finest Playboy Mansion.” Kisame stated.

I shot him a look and arched an eyebrow.

I've never seen her there before.” I stated.

She's a new arrival. That's what the guy that owns the Mansion says anyway.” Kisame replied.

Hey Itachi un.” I shot Deidara a look of boredom seeing him smile.

You know you're like my best friend right hm?”

Yeah. That's why you tried bombing me with an exploding package.” I snapped.

I looked back at this girl, Blair, and cupped her chin. She smiled brightly, that pink blush still on her cheeks.

Blair? Isn't that an American name?” I asked.

Yeah. I transferred to Japan cuz I had nowhere else to go.” She replied.

(Even her voice is sexy!) I thought with a smirk.

And it gets better Itachi.” Kisame stated.

Now Kisame. How can this get any better?” I asked.

Well. Miss Blair here is gonna keep you company for your weekend while the rest of us are off on our missions.” Kisame explained.

I could feel everyone's envious eyes glare me down. I started chuckling.

Kisame, I would kiss you right now, but I'm not going to.”

Blair closed her eyes and giggled, which had already caught my attention.

Do you find that amusing?” I asked.

Yes. As a matter of fact I do.” She replied.

(Brave girl. I think I'm going to have a FUN weekend.) I thought.

Um Itachi yeah. You think we can share her hm?” Deidara asked.

I twirled around and glared at him with my Sharnigan. However I didn't get a word out when because Blair stepped in front of me with arms crossed.

I can't be shared.” She snapped.

Deidara smirked.

And why not hm?” He asked.

Blair looked at her nails and then smiled.

Because I'm the most expensive Playboy Bunny there. Normally I'm just an eye candy, but thanks to Mr. Hoshigaki over there, my price has risen up.” Blair explained.

EYE CANDY!?” I asked.

Blair turned around to face me, with that beautiful bright smile.

Most men aren't into American girls these days.” She explained.

(Fucking dumbasses!) I thought with shock.

Well.... How much did Kisame pay for YOU?” Pein asked.

Blair smiled and looked at Pein with a hand on her hip.

He paid over fifty thousand in CASH for this weekend.” She replied.

I spun around at Kisame who was rubbing the back of his neck smiling sheepishly. (Note to self: Get Kisame the best present EVER!) I thought with a self nod. Pein looked shocked, Deidara was weeping in the corner, and everyone else was just staring at Blair in shock. I smirked and pulled her back to me, then hugged her from behind.

So Miss Blair-”

Just Blair, Mr. Uchiha.”

I smirked and bit her earlobe gently earning a small soft moan from her.

Itachi. Just call me Itachi..” I whispered evilly.

I looked up at everyone else. They were staring at me in pure jealousy. I ignored them as if they weren't even there and continued to nibble on Blair's earlobe.

Or for any kinky purposes, you can call me weasel.” I snickered.

Weasel? Really?” She asked with a giggle.

Kisame smirked and walked past Blair and me.

Hope you two have fun while we're gone.” Kisame snickered.

Oh I'll have fun all right.” I replied, picking Blair up bridal style.

Her beautiful eyes widen in shock, but pretty soon she was giggling. I smirked and brought her to my bedroom. When I set her down to lock my door, she was by my radio. She pushed the power button and somehow, the song playing was Smooth By Santana. I smirked and took my cloak off and let it fall onto the floor. Blair twirled slowly around in a circle dancing with the beat of the song. (I love this girl! She wastes no time!) I thought taking my shirt off. She giggle and hugged herself narrowing those beautiful eyes. I looked at her from the top of her black bunny ear bow to the heels of her boots. (Light bulb.) I thought evilly.

Strip.” I demanded.

She bit her finger like she was a school girl, which turned me on so much. Her other hand reached for the front zipper of her dress. As she zipped the zipper down, I could already see a strapless bra underneath. She pushed her dress past her shoulders and let it fall to the ground around her boots. Before she could step out of her boots I stopped her.

Keep the boots on.” I snapped menacingly.

She let out a giggle and stepped away from the dress and walked right towards me, touching her bare torso. With every step she took, there was the hard and loud click of her boots. Her breast looked like they were trapped inside that bra of hers. I wanted to liberate them. However before I could even reach for the bra, she stepped away from me.

I thought you wanted me to strip.” She teased.

I felt hard just by looking at her. I wanted her at that moment! I wanted her NOW! Her face revealed another light blush over her cheeks which made her look all the more sexy. I knew she wasn't a virgin just by the way she stood. (Those boots looked fucking sexy without the fancy dress.) I thought. Blair giggled and reached for her bra. I felt my heart pump against my chest. I smirked evilly watching her unclasp the bra and letting it fall down to the floor again with her dress. Her face was still flushed with a pink blush, and by that point I just wanted to feel her bare skin. I beckoned her to walk towards me. The pink blush turned into a red blush, which made her look even more sexy then before. She walked towards me and again, hearing the hard and loud click of her boots. Before she could pull any tricks, I yanked her over to me so that her breast were pressing against my chest. She pulled the arm I gabbed her with back and started rubbing my chest up and down.
I got harder by the seconds. I cupped her chin and looked into her eyes. I could tell she was nervous, but I knew that she would have a blast. I brought her into a kiss. Her hands were still rubbing my chest, which made me smirk into the kiss. I bit her lower lip, demanding an entrance, but I could feel a smile form on her lips, denying me access. I growled and pulled from the kiss. The blush was still on her face, but there was that bright smile spread across her face. I snickered and moved her hands away from my chest and kept them above her head. She looked at me curiously, which made me smirk again. I loved how sweet she looked. I loved how sexy she looked. I loved how she was just ready for me. I twirled her around so she had her back to me with her arms still above her head. I licked the spine of her back earning a soft moan from her. With my left arm, I kept her arms above her head, and with my right I took my hair tie out of my hair.
I took my hair tie and tied her hands with my hair tie. She looked at me over her shoulder, I licked her back again earning another moan. I brought her tied hands down in front of her and rested my chin on her shoulder. I licked her earlobe making her moan again.

I don't like being denied Blair. Just a little heads up.” I snickered biting her neck.

She threw her head back and closed her eyes moaning softly. I quickly took the chance and twirled her around and forced my tongue into her mouth. I ran my tongue over hers and explored every inch of her mouth. She was moaning in the kiss which meant I had won her first denial. I wouldn't be denied anything while she was here. While kissing her, I reached for her panties and slipped them off with ease. She pulled away from the kiss but I pulled her right back and began sucking on her neck. She threw her head back and moaned loudly. She now stood before me naked with nothing but her thigh high boots. I roamed her body, memorizing every inch and mark she had. I pulled from her neck and gave her an evil grin. She was already blushing even more darkly, panting, and ready. I wasn't though. I wanted to toy with her first. I made my right hand venture down to her forbidden entrance.
Her body froze, and she tried putting her legs together so I couldn't enter. I narrowed my eyes and growled. I lifted her up forcing her legs around me and pinned her to the wall. Well actually the door to be specific. She stared at me, blushing wildly and panting. I smirked and kept her tied arms above her head on the coat hook. She closed her eyes, but I brought her chin towards my lips and started kissing from her cheek to her breast. She shook at my touch, which meant I would win yet another one of her denials. I rubbed my clothed self onto her, earning a loud moan from her. I smirked and brought my lips to her ear.

Want more Blair?” I asked.

Before she could even respond, I had inserted an finger into her entrance. She arched her back against my finger as I slowly pumped it into her. I smirked and inserted another finger. (Damn. How long had it been since she had sex?) I thought curiously. I pushed the thought out of my mind and inserted a third finger. She moaned again, panting and shaking. I smirked and licked her earlobe again.

Must I repeat myself? Do you want more Blair?” I asked.

She looked at me, her eyes barely able to be kept open. I smiled and continued to slowly pump my fingers into her. She closed her eyes and moaned. I pressed my fingers deeper into her, and pumped a little faster. Her body shook against me, which meant I had won her second denial. With my free hand I rubbed her thighs while still pumping my fingers faster. She began bucking against my fingers, looking pleased. Her moans are what made me continue. I had estimated about thirty to forty minutes before she had finally released on my fingers. I pulled my fingers out of her and licked my three fingers clean. (This girl will definitely satisfy my needs.) I assured myself. Blair stared at me, her eyes barely able to be kept open. I pulled her arms down and took the hair tie off. She was still against the door, and I had no intention of moving her. I let her stand on her own while I removed my pants and trousers.
Her eyes widen, and she was biting her lower lip. It looked so cute! I smirked and forced her legs around me again. I lifted her up and inserted myself into her. She quickly clutched me, which made this a lot easier on me. I didn't pump until I was sure she would accept ALL of me. When she did, then I began thrusting into her. She threw her head back and started screaming in pleasure. I brought her chin to my lips and kissed her roughly, not even giving her a chance to get used to me. I pumped into her at full speed. She tightened her grip on me, which only made me thrust into her as hard as I could. She pulled from the kiss and screamed in ecstasy. I smirked and continued my thrusts into her. My hard, fast thrusts of lust and desire. I felt up her back and rubbed her breast, earning even more moans and screams from her. I enjoyed her. Her shelter seemed to be made just for me. I released into her, but I wasn't finished. I continued until SHE released.
When she had finally reached her peak, I inserted one more last pump before stopping. I had never been so satisfied. I pulled her from the wall still inside her and fell onto my bed with her on top. Although I was still panting, I had given myself a smile. I cupped her chin and looked into her beautiful eyes. I brought her into another kiss, and removed myself from her. She moaned into the kiss as I let her fall to my side. I turned to my side and rested my head on my hand. Her eyes were closed, but I knew she was still awake. I was actually expecting her to pass out. However it seemed that she had more energy then most women did. When she did open her eyes, the blush reappeared on her cheeks. Her breast rose up and down slowing down. She smiled shyly at me, which made her look even more sexy and cute all at once. I pulled my blanket over us both and just continued to look at her.

Now....... I see........ Why everyone......... Says you're.......... A monster.” She panted.

I smirked and licked her earlobe again, earning another moan from her.

And I don't like denials.” I snickered.

She nodded her head.

They....... Told me about....... That........ I just wanted........ To see what....... You would do......” She explained.

I snickered again. Then as if to ruin the moment, there was a knock on my door. I flashed my Sharnigan at the door and uncovered myself. Blair sat up, covering herself up with the blanket. I just pulled my Akatsuki cloak up from the floor and wrapped it around me. When I unlocked the door and opened it, there was Hidan. He was looking terrified.

What the fuck did you do to the female!?” He snapped.

I narrowed my eyes and glared at him. He just stood there with his arms crossed.

Are you torturing her or something?! I fucking heard screams from OUTSIDE!” He snapped.

Well excuse me, but the only form of torture I'm performing is the torture of 'I'm going to fucking CHOP your head off and throw it in the FUCKING FURNENCE'!” I shouted.

Hidan darted away from my room. I slammed my door shut and locked it. I looked back at Blair who was giggling. I suppose she wasn't tired anymore. Her breathing was even. I went to take my cloak off, but Blair stooped me.

Keep it on. You look Sexy in it.” She giggled.

I smirked and let my cloak drape over my shoulders so I was still revealed. She giggled again and scooted over to the edge of the bed. I crossed my arms and watched her get up from the bed with the blanket still covering her. The radio was now playing Katy Perry's Teenaged Dream which sort of suited this situation. Blair smiled shyly and let the blanket fall to the floor. Her nakedness with her boots made her more desirable. She went to take a step but she tripped over her own two feet. I rolled my eyes and quickly appeared in front of her and caught her. She in turn brought me into a sweet passionate kiss. I smirked into the kiss. (Well at least I know she'll be full of little surprises too.) I noted. When we pulled from the kiss, I ran my hands down her torso. She pulled away from me giggling. I gave her a confused look.

Sorry, but giggle I'm very ticklish.” She giggled.

I smiled evilly.

Oh really now?” I asked.

She nodded her head and continued to giggle. I quietly walked to her and pinned her to the wall. Her eyes shot open and another blush flushed her cheeks.

Ticklish? Like right here?” I asked, ticking her in her torso.

She started giggling again, trying to step away from me.

And, right here?” I asked moving from her torso to her sides.

Once again she started giggling, but it soon turned into a laugh. (Victory is mine.) I thought pulling her to me. She looked up at me still giggling. I led her back to the bed and made her lay down. When she did, I went into my closet and pulled out some of my belts. When I saw the look on her face, I knew she knew what I was going to do to her. I was expecting her to put up a fight, but I guess she learned her lesson the first few times she tried denying me. I took one of my belts and tied up her right arm. I, of course, didn't make it suffocatingly tight, just tight enough so she wouldn't break free. I did the same with her left arm. When I reached her ankles, I took a simple look at Blair. She wasn't looking at me. I spread her legs and tied up her legs. She was now on my bed, tied up with belts, eagle spread and already ready for me again. I wouldn't claim her again. Not yet anyway.
She looked at me and watched me while I went through my closet until I found what I was looking for. (I knew this would come in handy some day.) I thought evilly pulling out a long feather. The look of fear was clearly readable on her face. She bit her lower lip as I barely traced the tip of the feather across her torso. She emitted another giggle. The I traced the feather over her breast, making her go from giggling to laughing. I snickered and brought the feather back down her torso to her forbidden entrance. The laughter stopped, and was replaced by a soft moan. I pulled the feather away from her, and looked at Blair. Her eyes were closed. When she opened her eyes, I got another idea. I dropped the feather on her torso and went back to her head. She looked up at me with those beautiful eyes. I untied the black ribbon in her hair and used it as a blindfold. She giggled again. I gave her another kiss and then decided to untie her legs. But only her legs.
When I untied her legs, I was tempted to take her boots off, but then I decided against it. She moved her legs up and smiled. She looked so fucking hot blindfolded. I crawled onto the bed until I was hovering above her. I put the feather somewhere else and kissed her again. She moaned into the kiss, but then pulled away from the kiss and screamed when she felt my member lightly graze her entrance. I smirked and kissed her neck still lightly grazing her entrance. Her legs went to wrap around me, but I gently pushed them away. I lowered my head to her entrance and licked my lips. I stuck my tongue into her making her sigh softly. I roamed inside her, trying to find that certain spot. When I did find it, she bucked her hips against my tongue. I continued and roamed further into her, making her buck, and go from moaning to screaming. I smirked and teased her pussy until she released. I lapped up what I could then pulled away.


I licked my lips and snickered. I brought myself back above her and snickered. Her breathing grew quicker then the first time. She knew what was next. I brought her booted legs around my waist and thrusted myself into her. Blair arched her back and bucked against me. I took off the blindfold and gazed into her eyes. She looked right back, her body bouncing with the bed. I pumped just as hard as before into her again. She closed her eyes again and tried to keep up with my thrusts. I knew she wouldn't be able to however. I just wanted her fuck her as fast as I could! I snickered and bit her neck hard, while hammering myself even deeper.

ITACHI! OH GOD! ” She screamed struggling with her tied up arms.

(I like that.) I stopped thrusting into her, making her eyes open. She looked at me in the most adorable pleading way.

Say it again.” I demanded.

She looked at me, another blush growing across her face. I pumped one hard time into her making her scream again but then I stopped again.

Say my name again Blair.” I demanded harshly.

I hammered myself into her again.

ITACHI!” She screamed.

I lowered my lips to her neck and laughed evilly.

I want you to scream my name louder.” I whispered, resuming my pace.

With each hard pump, with each fast thrust, Blair screamed my name louder and louder. I loved every moment of that. When she had reached her limit, I was still pumping into her, making her scream my name even more. I loved hearing my name on her lips. I loved hearing how she screamed the name giving her more pleasure then she'll ever experience. When I finally lost the energy to continue, we had both reached our climaxes again. I allowed myself to fall to her side. I untied her arms and then pulled her to my chest. I had lost my energy. I was tired. I looked at Blair. She was panting, trying to slowly calm her racing heart. I kissed her forehead, and then cupped her chin and kissed her sweetly. She smiled into the kiss. When we pulled from the kiss, I took my cloak and covered her in it with me.

This...... Is only....... The beginning....... Blair.” I panted.

She nodded her head, but her eyes were already closed. She had fallen asleep. I smiled and closed my eyes. Pretty soon, I too, joined her in sleep.

(Blair's POV:)
-Day 2-

I woke up around five thirty-six, seeing Itachi sleeping soundlessly. I smiled and tried getting up, but I didn't want to wake him up. I was wrapped in his cloak, with his arms around my waist. I bit my lip and gently took his arms off me, and as quietly as I could I slipped out of his cloak and bed. Once my feet hit the floor, there was a soft click making me freeze. I looked at Itachi. He hadn't woken up. I quietly unzipped my boots and slipped out of them with ease. My feet looked bruised, but that was the price of breaking in new boots. I went to stand, but I needed to support myself on the wall. (Damn, him fucking me so hard has left me barely able to walk!) I thought in shock. When I did start walking, I just walked over to Itachi's closet. When I saw a bath robe I quickly wrapped it around me. I inhaled the scent of his robe which made me smile. I looked back at Itachi. He had shifted slightly, looking peaceful.
I emitted a soft giggle and quietly opened the door and headed out of the bedroom. When I quietly closed the door, I started walking around. This place was massive. Of course I may have been curious about the many rooms, but judging by most of the people in here were MEN, I didn't bother snooping around. Of course at five in the morning it always seems dark. When I finally reached the living room, I flicked on a light to brighten the room. (Now where the hell is my bag?) I thought with annoyance. When I found it in the dining room, I could easily tell that it had been rummaged through. I shook my head and looked inside my bag to see if anything was missing. Nothing was missing. I chuckled. I left my bag in the dining room and looked around at the kitchen. Itachi's birthday cake was in a glass jar, still untouched by any of the other people living here. (Now that's just sad.) I thought shaking my head.
I took the glass lid off and ran my finger through the cake and took a taste. (O~o Now I see why no one touched it!) I thought choking and spiting in the sink. (Does no one here know how to fucking cook?!) I thought looking around at the kitchen. (Does anyone know how to CLEAN!?) I thought looking at the dirty dishes, stained counter tops, and a glass oven stove that looked like it hadn't been cleaned in YEARS. I shook my head. (This will not do.) I thought looking under the sink. There were cleaning supplies that weren't even opened. (Time to set to work!) I thought taking out as much cleaning supplies as I could. I then looked back at the sour tasting cake. (I think Itachi deserves something sweet for his birthday since obviously no one knows how to make a cake PROPERLY.) I snickered. I took the cake and tossed it in the garbage can, then I started going to work.

(Itachi's POV:) ~Hours Later: Say 11:45~

I yawned and stretched reaching to touch Blair's head. I shot my eyes open realizing she wasn't even there. I shot up from my bed and looked around at my room. I rubbed my head. (Where did she freaking go?) I thought looking at the floor. All the clothes from yesterday were no longer on the floor. I jumped out of my bed and threw my cloak over me again and buttoned up the cloak then I left my room. I was pissed. (Was she just a set up?!) I thought angrily. I started thinking that she wasn't even here. That changed when a wonderful aroma infiltrated my nostrils. (Okay I know for a FACT that Konan isn't here, and I sure as hell know NO ONE in the Akatsuki are here and know how to cook.) My angry thoughts vanished when I walked into the kitchen to see Blair flipping some pancakes. I smiled and leaned against the wall just watching her. She had her hair pulled up in a bun with her black ribbon, while wearing one of my bath robes.
She looked like she was having fun cooking multiple things at once. I looked over her shoulder and saw she was making pancakes, cheesy egg omelets, bacon and sausage with toast. I felt my stomach growl. When she had flipped the last pancake, only then, did she look right at me. Those eyes looked as gorgeous as ever. She flashed a bright smile and kissed me on the cheek.

Morning Itachi. Did you sleep well?” She asked.

I chuckled and cupped her chin and brought her into a rough kiss. I felt her giggle into the kiss. When I pulled away she handed me a plate.

I hope no one minds but I have an OCD when it comes to dirty houses” She explained.

What time did you wake up Blair?” I asked looking at the spotless kitchen.

I woke up around five. I saw that no one touched your cake........ And I already experienced why.” She replied with a look of disgust on her face.

I gave her another smile and a look of disbelief.

Oh and I'm also doing laundry in a bit. I hope you don't mind.” She said shyly.

Don't mind? Why are you doing this? I would expect you to be afraid of me after what happened yesterday.” I teased.

She giggled and narrowed her eyes seductively.

Are you kidding? I enjoyed it. Most guys aren't as rough as you are. Not to mention that I loved waking up and seeing you look so peaceful.” She explained.

She took a plate and two glasses and walked into the dining room. I followed her right behind and sat next to her. The glasses were filled with orange juice which she had given me one. I took a bite of the pancakes and chuckled.

Where did you learn how to cook? Just curious.” I asked.

My mom and dad were chefs. It kind of runs in the family.” She explained.

She then put her fork down and stared at her plate. I arched an eyebrow in her direction. Then I had to ask.

Do you have contact with your parents?”

No. I ran away when I was thirteen and never looked back.” She replied, her beautiful eyes narrowed with slight hate.

It actually turned me on. The hate that flashed through her eyes. I felt myself already get hard just by that one look. I took her plate and slid it next to mine. When she looked at me, her hateful glare was turned into curiosity. I snickered and patted the dining room table.

(Blair's POV:)

Get on the table Blair.” Itachi demanded.

I felt my face turn red. (Is he serious?) I thought to myself. Judging by that evil smile he was giving me, I knew he wasn't kidding. I bit my lip.

So early?” I asked teasingly.

Get on the table NOW.” He growled playfully.

I shot my hands up.

I surrender Master.” I giggled.

I sat up from my seat and sat on the table, but only enough where my legs only dangled off the edge of the table. Itachi pushed the two plates on the opposite side of the table and stood up. I bit my finger and looked up at him shyly. When he was in front of me, he spread my legs so he was between my legs. He untied my robe and revealed myself. He unbuttoned his robe and pushed it past his shoulders revealing ALL of him again. Itachi pushed me gently down on the table and climbed on top of me. He brought me into another kiss and inserted himself into me. I moaned into the kiss and wrapped my arms around his neck. He pumped into me roughly just like last night. When he pulled from the kiss, I was moaning his name. I felt the table rock back and forth with his powerful thrusts. He bit my neck until he reached my breast. He bit my left nipple, making me scream in pleasure.
I clutched his shoulders and arched my back, allowing him to venture deeper into me. He growled and pulled me up so I was sitting up. He put me on his lap, still pumping into me. I closed my eyes and screamed arching my back. He bit my breast pretty hard, which made me yelp.


He snickered and bit my breast again, only harder. I bucked against his hips and screamed.


He snickered and pulled my hair out of my bun and pulled my hair moving me face to his.

It may hurt, but you like it.” he hissed evilly biting my earlobe again.

I moaned again. However I wasn't going to let him think he had won. I pulled him into a kiss. He snickered and slowed down his pumping. Right when I felt him snicker I partly opened my mouth allowing his tongue to enter. When his tongue entered my mouth, I bit down on his tongue, making him pull away from me.

Why da hell did you do dat for!?” He snapped clearly not pleased.

I snickered and pulled his hair back and lightly hovered my lips above his lips.

It may hurt, but you like it.” I whispered evilly while kissing his jaw line.
I bit his neck, making a growl emerge from his throat. I smirked and licked his neck, making him growl at me. I smirked and pulled away from him making him growl as his member left my shelter. He looked at me still slightly growling in his throat. I pulled from him and slid across the dining room table and looked at him sweetly. His eyes flashed red at me, but I just put a finger on my lips and tied the robe around me again.
After breakfast Itachi, I'm going to do some laundry. If you want to help I'll happily accept.” I giggled, gesturing him to put his cloak back on.
At first I think he didn't get it as he put his cloak on, but after breakfast when he followed me into the laundry room, did he finally get it. When I put the clothes into the washer and, I pulled myself on top of the washer machine and took off the I robe I was wearing completely. I looked at him with a wide grin.
Well? Aren't you going to do laundry with me?” I asked sexually.
Itachi took his cloak off and literally appeared on top of me. While the washer was going through the spin cycle, Itachi was pumping into me again only with more hard and lustful thrusts. I screamed in pleasure wrapping my legs around his waist. The vibrations from the washer machine made this love making even more memorable as he kept in rhythm with the vibrations from the washer machine. Itachi ran his tongue up and down my torso making me sigh. With each kiss, and thrusts he gave me, it made me feel amazing. Itachi took my legs away from his waist making me have my feet against the wall. He then pinned my hands above my head pumping faster and faster, not to mention even harder then last night.
ITACHI! OH! ITACHI!” I screamed.
He bit my neck hard again, but I wasn't fazed by his bites.
Oh god! Blair!” He growled.
Itachi and I finally reached our climaxes right as the washer machine was done with it's spin cycle. We panted and stared at each other. I smiled and stroked his cheek.
I would..... Have never..... Thought about this.” He panted.
I giggled and kissed his neck. He closed his eyes and allowed a sigh escape from his lips.
Today........ I want...... To have some......... Fun.” I panted.
He snickered and kissed me roughly again. After sitting on the washer machine for a bit longer, He finally helped me down and allowed me to put my robe on. I giggled when he rubbed my ass through my robe. I kissed his neck, then bit his neck playfully. He snapped his head sharply at me, but it looked like he rather enjoyed it. Itachi and I cleaned the dishes, just talking.
So why did you run away Blair?” He asked.
Well....... Umm......... I suppose it was because I wasn't happy.” I replied.
We talked about other things too. Mostly about our fantasies, and what he wanted to do to me later on today. We then headed into the living room, but I stopped in my tracks when he asked me something.
So how old are you really?”
I felt my heart skip a beat. I tried acting like I wasn't fazed, but I didn't even convince myself.
I'm eighteen and a half.”
No you're not.” He snapped.
I bit my lower lip and tilted my head acting like I didn't know what he meant.
How would I NOT know my own age Itachi?” I asked.
Because there's no way you're eighteen and a half since you don't even have your wisdom teeth growing in yet.” He snapped.
I felt my body shake, but I tried my hardest to keep a straight face.
I had them removed a few months back.” I snapped crossing my arms.
He just looked at me with a 'really' look. He pulled me into a kiss and forced his tongue through my mouth. I felt my toes curl up, as he reopened the robe and felt my torso, my breast, and my entrance. I moaned into the kiss and found myself wrapping my arms around his neck. But before the kiss could get passionate, he pulled away from me and pinned me to the wall.
Blair. You're younger then that.” he hissed evilly.
I couldn't speak. He was still touching me making me weak in the knees. (Stop it! Don't surrender Blair!) I shouted at myself. However I was failing at it cuz his touch was mind blowing.
Blair, you naughty lair. I think you need to tell me what you're real age is.” Itachi snickered biting my torso.
I closed my eyes and shook as he pressed against me.
I'm..... I'm moan six gasp teen.” I found myself moaning.
He pulled from me and smiled evilly.
See? That wasn't so hard was it?” He asked.
I looked away from him. He cupped my chin and pulled my face to his.
Blair. I don't care if you're eighteen sixteen, thirteen, or fucking ten, you're still my Playboy Bunny for the next few hours.”
But the Playboy Mansion owner, Mr. Piroshki doesn't know my real age.” I whispered.
And who says I'm going to tell anyone? If anything I'll use it as blackmail to get you to sleep with me for free.” Itachi snickered resuming biting my neck.
I giggled again and pulled his chin up to my lips.
I may be young Itachi, but I want to have fun.” I pouted.
He stepped away from me with his hands in the air.
I surrender my princess of mischievousness. Name what you want and I shall oblige to your needs.” Itachi snickered.
I smirked and pulled him to the couch. I pushed him onto the couch and unbuttoned his cloak again. He snickered. I giggled and stepped from him. He sat up, but I pushed him back onto the couch.
Stay.” I snapped.
He shrugged and laid back down on the couch. I left him for a minute and pulled out all sorts of supplies. This included: Rocky Road ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate fudge syrup, and cherries. When I came back, Itachi was snickering from ear to ear. I giggled and set down the supplies and stripped his cloak off of him. I stripped the robe off my shoulders and snickered. I guess he was expecting me to put the supplies on HIM. However I wanted to show him how good I was at being eye candy. Took the whipped cream and spread on my torso. He went to sit up, but I quickly pushed him down pressing my breast against him so the whipped cream was smeared on his chest. I put a finger on his lips.
Nu-uh. I want my fun Itachi. You pleasured me yesterday, now it's MY turn.” I giggled.
That's going to be hard considering that I want to lick that whipped cream off of you and fuck you so hard right now.” He growled.
I smiled evilly and started kissing his neck ignoring his lips. When I reached his chest, I smirked and started licking his whipped cream cover chest. He sighed softly, but I was determined to make him BEG to fuck me. I felt his arms start to slink up my back, but I pinned his arms down at his sides. He glared at me, but I just ignored it and started to scoop the Rocky Road ice cream onto Itachi's chest. I felt his body shiver slightly, but that's what I wanted. (The colder the horn dog is, the harder and rougher he'll get.) I thought remembering what Suki told me before. I put more whipped cream on Itachi's chest and added a few cherries. (If that's even possible for this horn dog.) I noted looking to see how erected he was. I licked his chest up to his neck while reaching down to his hard penis. Itachi growled slightly when I started biting his neck. The ice cream on his chest was smearing onto my chest, but that didn't matter.
I knew he would pleasure me again, but I just wanted my turn. When I was touching his hard member, I felt Itachi's heart beating against his chest. (How about we make that heart beat faster?) I thought while getting a good grip onto his erection. Itachi stared at me with wide eyes, but I could see a smirk twitching at the corner of his mouth. I bit his neck harder and started rubbing his cock up and down. I decided to tease him by going slow at first. He glared at me and tried shifting himself. In response I tugged down on his cock making him arch his back. That's when I started going faster and tugging down harder. He closed his eyes growling. I loved hearing him growl, but I wanted to make him scream for me. I licked him down his chest until I was by his cock. I had stopped rubbing him making him shot his eyes open and stare at me. I grabbed the chocolate syrup and poured some on his cock.
The look in his eye looked pleased. I bit my lip playfully, but in truth I had never given a blow job in my life. (Well there's a first time for everything.) I reminded myself. I pulled down on his hard cock and licked it up and down first. He closed his eyes and I could hear him hold back a soft sigh. I smirked and brought the massive cock between my lips. I licked the tip of his member and then I started sucking it. Itachi growled and threw his head back against the arm of the couch. I got a little braver and tried taking all of him. When I couldn't I just settled for half. While sucking on him, I was rubbing his torso from his dick up. He was shaking against me, and I felt like I had so much power over him. I sucked harder and rougher on his member while still rubbing him up and down from his torso to where I was sucking on him. I felt him buck against me, and then I heard it. The sound of a man being pleasured by a woman.
When he moaned, he had released in my mouth. I tried swallowing as much as I could, but when I pulled away from his cock, some of his cum spat at me. Luckily though it was only on my chin. He was panting slightly, staring at me through narrowed eyes. I wiped the cum from my chin and licked my fingers. His glare look so hot to me. I crawled on top of him and allowed my entrance to hover over his hard on. I pulled him up and sat on him where his cock was entering me. I threw my head back and sighed. That's when I knew he would lose control. I didn't even see it, but he had gotten on top of me some how, with my legs around his waist, fucking me as hard. I closed my eyes and screamed. Itachi was sucking on my torso, most likely sucking off any leftover whipped cream I had on me. He thrusted so fast once again so I was unable to match him. Itachi was growling louder, almost beast like.
When we had released, it was like we weren't satisfied, so we just continued fucking again. However, he set me on his lap and started fucking me that way. I felt my eyes slowly drop, but I forced them open. When Itachi and I released again, we just stayed this way panting and trying to catch our breath. I laid my head on his shoulder and allowed my eyes to close. Itachi kissed my neck, then kissed my jaw.
God...... Don't ever....... Tease me...... Like that...... Again.” Itachi panted.
I giggled and bit his neck, making him sigh.
I'll tease....... you whenever...... and however....... I want.” I panted in response.
He shot me a bright devil smile.
Then.... I look..... Forward to...... The rest” He grinned.
Next thing I knew, he was turning me around. I looked over my shoulder and looked at him curiously. He moved his lips to my ear and licked my earlobe making me moan.
Get on your hands and knees.” He demanded.
I blushed and giggled.
Oh yes master. As you command.” I giggled getting on my hands and knees on the couch.
However I had my hands on the arm of the couch, but Itachi didn't see to care, as long as I was on my hands and knees. Itachi grabbed my hips and licked my back. I sighed. The moment I sighed, he hammered his cock inside me from behind. I screamed at how hard he pushed himself inside me. He was smirking and continuing his hammering into me. Each thrust he present me with made me scream his name.
That's a good bitch! Show master who's in charge.” Itachi growled.
I threw my head back screaming louder. Itachi only thrusted faster and harder in and out as before. I felt him release, but he was still thrusting. (GOD! It's like he has no off switch) I noted feeling how hard and huge he actually felt inside me. My arms and legs gave out and I was on my torso with him still hammering himself. I had released, but, I knew he wasn't ready to surrender himself to weariness. Itachi pulled my hair making my head go back again and his words were so hot and sexy to me.
Blair, who is your master?” Itachi asked thrusting even faster if that were possible.
It-Itac-Itachi!” I moaned softly.
What was that? I can't hear you.” Itachi stated suddenly stopping.
No! Please don't stop!” I pleaded.
Who is your master? I want you to scream it!” Itachi hissed, hammering himself as hard as he could.
ITACHI!” I screamed.
How badly do you want your master to continue?” He growled.
I want you! Please! Don't stop! I want you to keep fucking me!” I moaned.
I could hear him laugh darkly, which made him all the more hot. His hands snaked up my back.
Get back on your hands and knees.” Itachi ordered.
Although I was tired, I didn't want to stop. I obeyed his order and got back on my hands and knees. His hands snaked from my back to my front entrance. I screamed when he inserted a finger into me while fucking me from behind. I screamed in both pain and pleasure. With his other hand he pulled my hair making me throw my head back. I closed my eyes and let him have his way with me. Inserting one finger wasn't enough for him, so he inserted two more fingers into while still fucking me from behind.
ITACHI! AH! AH! AH! ITACHI! AH! OH GOD!” I screamed.
God has nothing to do with this my bitch!” Itachi snickered licking my back.
By this rate I somehow knew I was going to end up in a wheelchair because of this bastard. I could have cared less however. I enjoyed it. I loved how cruel he sounded, and how he wasn't afraid of new experiences. When he and I finally gave out, I had fallen on my stomach while he fell onto my back. I closed my eyes, still unable to catch my breath. Itachi was experiencing the same thing. I didn't realize it, but I was crying. I just closed my eyes, and tried breathing evenly. (Why the fuck am I crying?) I thought when I felt the tears pour from my eyes. Suddenly I felt myself being turned around. At first I was looking at Itachi who looked satisfied, but when he looked at me, his expression changed.
B-Blair? Di-Did..... I hurt...... You?” He panted with worry.
I shook my head no. My throat hurt from screaming so much, that I couldn't find my voice. Itachi stroked my cheek and wiped some of my tears away.
I'm-I'm sorry t-that........ I was too...... rough...” Itachi panted.
I rolled my eyes and managed to pull him down into a sweet kiss. He kissed back sweetly and kindly. Something I thought he didn't possess.
It..... Was-Was........ Am-Amazing.” I managed to squeak.
Itachi closed his eyes and laid on top of me panting harshly. I smiled and closed my eyes too. Somehow we ended up falling asleep...........

~Same Day, a couple of Hours Later~

A sharp pain between my legs forced me to shot my eyes open. I sat up and hissed quietly. It quickly passed, so I was okay with that. I looked around realizing I was still on the couch, however I was covered up with a blanket, and alone. (Where did he go?) I thought looking around the living room. That's when I noticed that a door was open. I slowly got up and wrapped the blanket around me like it were a dress and headed toward the door. When I walked through the door, I realized it was leading into a garden. I stared at the garden in shock. (Oh sure, people here can't cook but when it comes to a green thumb it's a breeze.) I thought shaking my head. When I walked around the garden looking at the flowers and trees, I managed to see Itachi sitting by a tree with his eyes closed. He was wearing a pair of pants but that was all he was wearing. His hair was pulled back into a ponytail, which still looking messy and full of dried ice cream, whipped cream and syrup.
I smiled and walked over to him and gently sat down next to him. He opened one eye, smirked then closed the eye back up.
Did you enjoy your nap?” He asked.
It was a lovely cat nap.” I whispered.
My throat was still a bit sore, but I was managing.
Are you sore?” He asked still not opening his eyes.
Only a little bit. I'll live though.” I whispered and kissed his neck.
I could hear a soft sigh begging to be freed from his throat. I smiled and laid my head on his shoulder.
What time is it?” I managed to ask, however it was still in a whisper.
Last time I checked it was four something. However judging by the sky and the sun setting I'd say about six o'clock.” Itachi replied, his eyes still closed.
I sighed. (Sleeping half the day away.) I thought shaking my head.
You sure you're okay? I know I gave you quite a pounding back there.” Itachi said.
I'm fine. Really. It was actually an enjoyable experience.” I replied.
Uh-huh. Like you've never had it like that.” Itachi smirked finally opening his eyes.
Believe it or not, but American guys don't have that touch that you have.” I snickered.
He shot me a look, and then rolled his eyes.
I also don't believe you were EYE CANDY! There's no way a guy hasn't banged you.” Itachi added.
I just shrugged. I closed my eyes and smiled hearing our even breathing. Itachi cupped my chin suddenly and smirked.
Why the hell are you wearing that blanket? Didn't you bring anymore clothes?” He asked.
Well, I find it kind of pointless to change into another outfit if you're just going screw me again.” I replied.
Well go get dressed. I think the rest of the day I'll give you a break.” Itachi stated looking away.
I arched an eyebrow, but judging at how he was staring at the sky, I think he was serious. I bit my lower lip. I felt like a complete slut at that point. I didn't want to get dressed. I wanted him to fuck me again. That's why I was here anyway, and to tell you the truth, I just plain loved having sex with him. (I'll change his mind.) I thought gently shifting myself. He turned to look at me, but I had slowly crawled on top of him. He looked shocked at first, but when I unwrapped the blanket from me revealing myself, his smirk quickly spread across his face. I bit my lip and looked up at him shyly. Itachi sat himself up a bit better and grabbed my waist and kissed my neck. I sighed while untying his pants. (These are such troublesome things.) I growled. Luckily for me though he wasn't wearing any trousers. I only brought his cock out of his pants and gently hovered over him. Itachi's hands were still on my waist, but he still looking like he was contemplating.
I wrapped my arms around his neck and kissed his ear.
Itachi. Please. Make love to me.” I whispered.
Itachi chuckled and slowly bucked his already hard on inside me. I threw my head back slowly and moaned softly.
Can't get enough of master can you?” He whispered bringing me into a sweet passionate kiss.
He entered all of him into me, but he wasn't hammering himself like all the other times. He was slow, gentle, but at the same time it had a harshness in rhythm that drove me crazy. It was so sweet. I loved it. Itachi pumped into me at a pace where I could keep up with him. I loved feeling himself inside me, and how my shelter walls actually were well formed around his hard member. I closed my eyes and grinded against his hips, making him growl softly against my breast. I enjoyed this slower pace love making, which, if you think about it, was very different from Itachi's hard hammering pumps. This rhythm actually made me more horny then usual. I had released on him, but it seemed to not matter. Itachi continued his easy pace while squeezing my ass. I moaned slightly louder and wrapped my legs around his waist. Itachi kissed my neck, and trailed down kisses to my breast.
By the time he had begun sucking on my chest, he had finally released more of his cum into me. I panted harshly and laid my head on his shoulder kissing his neck. Itachi rubbed my sides, pulling his mouth from my breast and sighed sounding quite satisfied. I twirled a lock of his hair and giggled getting an idea.
Itachi. You and I really need to get this sweet stuff out of our hair.” I giggled.
I actually agree with you.” Itachi responded with a grin.
We didn't make any gestures to get up however. It was actually very romantic. The sky changing from blue to splashes of purple, orange and yellow, us under a tree outside, it was like something from a dream. When I finally made the gesture to get up, Itachi smirked and let me get up. I giggled seeing him just jump up like nothing. He grabbed the blanket and wrapped it around me then led me inside. I smiled shyly when he pulled a gillyflower from a bush and put it in my hand. I couldn't stop smiling. Itachi just looked away and headed inside. I stood there in the living room watching him go into a room. I decided to go into my bag and pull out one of the outfits. I sighed realizing that all those girls at the mansion packed me skimpy dresses. However I was thankful for the one not so skimpy, but it was something I probably would have never worn it. Itachi came back out of the room holding up a key.
Bath time.” He stated.
I grabbed my outfit, undergarments, and then followed Itachi down the hall. When we stopped at the end hall, Itachi unlocked the door and opened it.
Ladies first.” He teased.
I giggled and walked in. I had never seen a bathroom so large in my life. (People here can't cook, can't clean, but they can grow a garden AND spend tons of cash to make a mega master suite bathroom?!) I thought looking at the beautiful room. The polished marble floors were gray, with a sweet blend of peach and yellow giving brightness. The counter tops of the bathroom were pearl white garnet, which somehow made the lighting around here brighter then the floors. I shot Itachi a look of disbelief. He had already started filling the MASSIVE jacuzzi bath tub with hot water. He was once again completely naked, and somehow, as many times as I had seen him naked, I was still not used to it. He poured in soap making bubbles, then went into a storage space, and pulled out candles. I had to giggle seeing him light the few candles he had gotten out and then set them in the water. To my shock they were floating on top of the water.
Itachi turned to me and beckoned me forward. I shrugged my shoulders, put my stuff on the clothes rack, took the blanket off and walked to him. He took my hand and kissed, whiling giving me a seductive wink.
You know if everyone at the Mansion didn't tell me that you were a criminal, I would have guessed that you were a gentlemen.” I snickered.
I can be when I want to. But then I get bored.” He snickered back.
I giggled again and stepped into the jacuzzi tub, making sure I wouldn't knock over the candles floating on the surface of the water. I closed my eyes feeling the warmth of the bath water, and found myself lowering myself down. Itachi followed me into the bath tub and sat right next to me. I opened my eyes and sighed enjoying the water against my bare skin.
Enjoying yourself?” Itachi asked.
It's romantic.” I found myself whispering.
I heard him chuckle and then felt an arm wrap around my waist.
Blair, I'm curious about something.” He whispered.
What are you curious about?”I asked cheekily.
How old were you when you lost your virginity?”
I felt my body tense up. I knew if I lied to him he would pressure me to tell the truth. If I were truthful he'd still be curious about who I lost my virginity to. I sighed.
I was fourteen.” I replied.
Seriously? Dare I ask who it was.”
I don't remember.” I lied.
Before he could pressure me, I swam away from him and dunked my head underwater. (He needs to stop being curious about me!) I thought angrily. When I rose my head above the water, I could see Itachi smirking. I narrowed my eyes and smiled. Itachi swam towards me and pulled me into an embrace. I giggled and sat myself on his lap, his cock just barely in me. I kissed his neck, while rubbing his chest. He snickered and dunked down into the water. I blinked and realized he wasn't under me. I looked around the jacuzzi tub with shock.
Itachi?” I asked.
I felt nothing, nor did I hear a response.
Itachi?! Okay whatever you're doing, it's not funny!” I snapped.
That's when I felt a hand on my ankle. I didn't even get a chance to react, I felt myself being yanked down into the water. I closed my eyes not wanting to see what was happening. However, when I felt arms wrap around me, I forced my eyes open. Itachi was smirking evilly, but I wasn't amused with him.
Bastard! You scared me!” I snapped.
It's always scary when you're in a genjutsu.” He replied innocently.
Gen-what?” I asked.
Oh right. You obviously don't know ninja abilities.”
Other then the inhuman speed and popping out of nowhere, no I don't”
Itachi snickered again.
Genjutsu. It's an ability most ninja have where they can set up an illusion.” Itachi explained.
That's when I looked around where we were. I suddenly realized we were still underwater. I also suddenly realized that I was breathing underwater! I stared at Itachi in shock. He just looked at me like he didn't know why I was giving him my look of shock.
So..... You put me in a genjutsu?”
And everything I'm seeing isn't real?”
How the hell did you do that?!” I asked more excited then shocked.
All I had to do was get you to kiss me somewhere. When you kissed my neck, I was able to cast the genjutsu.” He explained.
I stared at him in shock, but then looking at the underwater illusion, I couldn't help but find it so romantic. Itachi snickered and let me go. I quickly hugged onto him however not wanting him to leave me again. Itachi smiled and pulled me into a passionate kiss. Even though I could breath underwater I was still surprised to still feel the weightlessness of the water. Itachi pulled away from the kiss and took my hand and started swimming downward. I had finally gotten used to the weightlessness, and when I was able to see everything else around me I happened to have seen another bed, and more of the floating candles. (FUCK LOGIC!) I thought seeing that the candles were still lit. Itachi must have thought the same thing judging by the look on his face. Itachi stepped onto the water floor and pulled me into another kiss. I felt lighter then air at that moment. Itachi didn't even give me a warning, when the scene changed.
Instead of being underwater, we were above the water, however it wasn't frozen. Itachi was on top of me and smirking. I managed to turn my head to look at the unfrozen water we were on top and touched the water with my hand. It still felt like water, but I was laying on it like it were a bed. Itachi cupped my chin and kissed me again, wrapping my arms around his neck. I moaned into the kiss feeling his hands slide up and down my sides. However, when Itachi pulled away from me, I was seeing TWO Itachi's. When I looked around again, I was standing in the middle of the two Itachi's in a black and red area, which made me feel nervous. Both the Itachi's smirked. The Itachi in front of me fell backwards so I was on top of him, while the Itachi behind me quickly got on top of me from behind. I felt my heart beating against my chest when I realized what he was going to do.
The Itachi I was on top had begun thrusting into me, as did the Itachi behind me only it was more doggy style. Again it was at a fast pace, which made me throw my head back and scream. The Itachi I was on top chuckled and started biting my neck. The Itachi behind me smirked and started biting my shoulder making me scream even louder. I never had been part of a gang bang, but this was actually amazing! Both Itachi's were fucking me at the same pace, which was another pace I couldn't match. I screamed Itachi's name, feeling body go limp again. When I had released, it was like both Itachi's wanted to stretch me to my limit again. They fucked me for a very long and hard time, until I finally released and the Itachi's both released. I sat there panting for a long while and closed my eyes. When I opened my eyes again, I was in the jacuzzi tub with the little floating candles on Itachi's lap.
Itachi had his eyes closed, and I could see that he was struggling trying to open them. I kissed his lips softly, which made his eyes shot open. He gently pulled from the kiss and stared at me. I saw one red tear slip from his red eyes.
Are you-”
I'm fine. Lets wash up. I'll take you back to the mansion.” Itachi snapped cutting me off.

I bit my lower lip and just nodded my head. After washing up, Itachi and I got dressed and I got my things together. It was around eight o'clock when Itachi and I finally made it to the mansion. Before I could even get to the door, Itachi twirled me around and brought me into a deep passionate kiss. When he pulled away I saw that evil smirk on his face.

If they ask, we used protection. If something happens I'll come back and get you myself.” Itachi snapped.
That's when I think I had an idea why he said that to me. Itachi left me by the mansion door, and I was just standing there watching him walk away. (I've got a lot of explaining to do.) I thought nervously while putting a hand on my stomach.........


  1. Are you gonna continue this story about her being pregnant? (Please yes!)

  2. Hmmm...... I actually haven't considered it, but I do take requests *wink, wink*

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    1. Very well. I will have to come up with a completely storyline for this one ^__^ May take awhile

  4. I'm sorta surprised by the ending but then again i thought it may happen since they did it a lot lol XD it was very hot though i loved it like WHOA!! anyways great work i hope you continue it